I help mindful working women to see their life in a new light, so they can live every day like it's a day off.

I'm a mom, wife, intuitive spiritual life coach, writer, podcaster & yoga teacher.
I’m passionate about helping you  find calm and return to balance in all areas of your life and get you to where you want to be professionally, personally, mentally, physically and spiritually.


Work With Me

I believe as busy working women we also want to feel present, alive, inspired and connected. 

Imbalance in any life area throws us off.
Working too much? No time for you? “If only I could have a day off!”
“ I wish I could… maybe later when I have... I’m overwhelmed… I don’t know where to start!”

This is where I come in to walk beside you to bring your wishes to reality NOW.

Meditations & Virtual Classes

Private Coaching

Intention Reminders

Virtual classes, guided meditations and more that join the body/mind/spirit as one.

Customized private mentorship that returns you to balance through holistic intuitive coaching.

My favorite products like bracelets and oils that remind me to stay centered.

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