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"Finally! A book that brings all aspects of healing together. Working not only with your thoughts but your energy too. Ulrika brings you through the whole process. The stories, explanations and exercises in this book create an eye opening experience that will leave you a changed person!

This book awakens your true self and guides you to let go of the person you have been being for everyone else. If you are being called to go deeper in your healing journey, then this book is for you. It is a comprehensive approach, and will be the only book you need!"

Danielle Ingenito~ Expert in Healing Childhood Trauma, Author of It's Not You, It's Your Energy: How Your Energy Is Creating Chaos in Your Life.

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Wisdom Beyond What You Know


What if there is MORE? What if there’s more to life than feeling exhausted, overthinking your every action, and questioning your next goal? What if your analytical mind took a back seat and you JUST KNEW what was right for you?

Ulrika Sullivan’s multitasking, up-in-her-head, stressful corporate career left her feeling like she was living on autopilot. She didn’t know who she truly was. A complete career shift, from scientist to intuitive spiritual life coach, was carefully orchestrated by the Universe to open her up to the deepest level of her soul and purpose. This led to a life-changing “point-of-no-return” epiphany: An undeniable feeling of clarity and way forward is available to us when we connect with our inner voice, heart’s desire, and body consciousness.

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Book Love!

 I thought I was a fairly spiritual and open minded person, yet what this has led me to discover is that I have only scratched the surface - there is so much more I can learn and put into practice. The timing couldn't be more perfect, as I am not only about to embark on a new career, but also a new phase of my life. I feel these practices are going to help me grow into the person I truly want to be." - Denyne.

Book Love!

From Ulrika

Why is this book relevant right now?

My hope for you is that this book will inspire you to dive into your quest for a deeper understanding and experience of your current patterns in life that may hold you back from connecting with yourself through the dimensions of your true self, your energy, your body wisdom, your guides, and your inner voice as facilitated by your intuition for more ease and flow in your life so that you feel empowered to see your life in a new light.

For decades, our modern way of living has had a relentless focus on achievement based on seemingly tangible analytical and mind-driven measures, such as comparison, competition, and money. 
It’s an environment where some of us felt that we had to prove our worth to ourselves and others again and again. As a result of living a life driven by external success, we’ve been struggling to stay in inner balance and harmony.

If you believe that now is the time to make a shift to step into  multidimensional living, you’re in the right place. 

 Wisdom Beyond What You Know

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Book Love!


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