Soul Guidance



Have you ever wondered where your soul originated? Are you curious about what your soul has experienced beyond this life? 

Your soul knows all of this already, and now is the time to unlock your quantum connection to your unique cosmic journey and start exploring your multidimensional self!

Are you connected to your innermost unique self?
Everything you've experienced as a soul is part of your soul's essence.

Your soul has traveled far and wide since ancient times.  Connect the dots between your life today and your galactic journey.

Find out your specific soul journey, your soul family and how it is connected to your experiences in your life today.
Work with me as your intuitive spiritual life coach and galactic astrologer.

You're ready to expand your perspective beyond who you think you are. Connect with your multidimensional self and bring it to your life today!

Client Reading

This is an excerpt from a 2-hour Galactic & Earth reading.


Your Galactic Alignments

Your Galactic Journey

Your Galactic & Earth Soul Journey

your souls Most relevant galactic alignments, your current frequency and aura.

 Your Soul's galactic journey (ancient, middle and recent) specific experiences, Soul Essence Colors & your vibration/Frequency.

Your Soul origin, Galactic journey, YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES KARMA - DHARMA THEMES, relevant Past Lives on Earth, Your Soul Colors, Aura & frequency, CHALLENGES & GIFTS AND HOW TO INTEGRATE in your life.

  Special Topics

Specific reading focused on your energetic Potential & how aligned you are & how to reach your full potential. An intuitive and astrological deep dive into your  Frequency and potential.

Your Happy Space

AN Intuitive and Astrological deep Dive into your Part of Fortune, Pallas Athena and other asteroids what makes you successful and what's yours to claim!

Your Spirit Guides

Want to Connect with your spirit guides? Know when they becAme your spirit guide and what do they support you with now?

Your Full Potential

*** Below readings are offered over a limited time only! New topics regularly!***
In special topics readings we go really deep on one specific topic.

Client Love

"I am in awe and shocked at all of the amazing information that we were able to uncover! It landed so strongly with me. A lot of realizations of who I am, why I'm here and what I'm capable of"

– Brooke R.


and live with
more ease & flow!


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