I support mindful women to find calm and return to balance in all areas of their lives.

I'm a mom, wife, National Bestselling Author, intuitive spiritual life coach, podcaster, energy guide, yoga teacher, galactic astrologer and a fiercely calm professional.
I’m passionate about helping you see your life in a new light and get you to where you want to be professionally, personally, mentally, physically and spiritually.


Finding Balance

Balance is a buzz word that might feel unachievable. I know this because balance wasn't always the first thing on my to-do list. I had it all, but still felt like something was missing...

In the midst of my professional career in the pharmaceutical industry alongside having a young family I found myself very successful, highly valued, overworked and unfulfilled.

I felt totally stressed and drained because of the endless back-to-back meetings, juggling kids' activities and work travel commitments, the increasing home to-do list on millions of post its, and ending the day in front of the computer for some more late night hours of work again.

Are you also an ambitious, driven woman struggling with finding the balance in your life? If you are reading this far,  you are here for a reason and you know it.

You have been ignoring your own self needs for too long. Going to a spa does feel good, while being there, but coming home it’s the same.

You have tried and tried, but not fully seeing the change you desire?

I can help you to bring back your real inner calm, invite the space between the to-do’s, access your intuition to empower you with a sense of peace and fulfillment in your hectic, complex life. Every day.

You know the price you are paying is high; it shows and feels in your body, the constant mental frustration and apathy for your own feelings and desires, all part of the predictable routine.

The dull sense in lack of true, deep connection with loved ones and all things fun.  Everything is so rushed.

I know the pressures of your own ambition, driving you to feel disconnected and ignore your own needs and to just keep going. 

Something happened for me on the way from being a stressed career mom to where I am today. The difference is within, on the inside, not on the outside. 

I love working with people like you because I remember how drained and exhausted I felt and not knowing where to start.

Stop the guess work, stop the feeling of overwhelm, and stop the hustle. Let's get started.


and live with
more ease & flow!


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My coaching program gives you the head-space to generate 360-degree awareness in all areas of your life without feeling like you're juggling everything all at once.

We bring back ease, connection, creativity and excitement in to your life - just like you feel when you have a day off. Every day.


Imagine carrying that calm inside, feeling the space within to pause and notice, feeling an inspired "just right" connection with yourself and people, being instantly more effective, get more done in the same amount of time and living your purpose. Every day.

Not doubting your decisions anymore. Feeling held and supported from inside, no matter what happens or who you are with at work , home or anywhere.

As a professional certified life coach, yoga teacher and energy guide (Usui Reiki Master Practitioner), I work with you through my coaching program from multiple modalities perspective.

I help you access your own natural desire to grow more into YOU! 

Client Love

"Ulrika creates a safe place to explore sensitive and challenging personal issues. Her very positive and supportive energy feeds the process of discovery for whatever life transition you are working on. She listens with an open heart that is fully present, without judgement. She helps you look beyond the surface, unearth new insights, explore alternative approaches to ultimately achieve greater clarity. I highly recommend working with Ulrika"

– Anne R

I believe that living our best life requires mindful support. That's why I'm offering a complimentary mini session to get you back on track toward your big goals and your balanced life.

Fill out the application below to apply for a free mini session (valued at $195).


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Client Love

"Before seeing Ulrika, I was feeling a little lost, disconnected, and like I was just going through the motions. I'm a mother to a one year old so finding a sense of self and a connection to something bigger, or spiritually was something I desperately wanted but didn't know where to start.
Ulrika has guided me down this path of discovery and it has truly opened my mind to the metaphysical, the universe, and my inner self. I highly recommend working with her if you're looking to access your strengths, your inner wisdom, and to find a connection with the universe."

– Jeannie U.

More About Ulrika

Ulrika's personality lends to a style full of mindfulness and a calm energy.

Ulrika is the National Best-selling Author of the book Wisdom Beyond What You Know: How to Shift from Being Driven by the Mind to Living from the Heart and Intuition .

She is a Certified Life Coach (CPC) & Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) from Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

She is a Certified Quantum Soul Guidance & Galactic Astrology Practitioner by Julia Balaz.

She is a vinyasa and yin yoga teacher (RYT-200) registered with Yoga Alliance.

Ulrika is offering energy guidance as a certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner.

She holds a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from University of Delaware.

Ulrika has over 20 years of experience from various corporate positions in pharmaceutical research, development, sales & marketing.

Fun facts: 
Astrology: Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon, Taurus Rising
Human Design: Projector 3/5
I am a wife, mom to 3 teenage girls who keep me on my toes :-)
We have 3 pets (1 dog and 2 cats)

She is an Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine (click on the yellow badge below to read my articles)


"I see self awareness to connect with your TRUE Self as the seed for change.

Self care leads to self love which is the enabler for you to step into the balanced life you want!


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