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"The Entrepreneur's Guide to the Universe was hosted by Jools Sinclair. Mini-Workshops in Building and Creating Your Dream Business! I talk about "Aligning with Your Own Natural Energy"!

Watch here!

"The Conscious Creator Masterclass was hosted by Tonya Blakley.
How to bust limiting beliefs, raise your vibration and get the Universe on your side!

From Victimhood to Victory was hosted by Cynthia Murphy in January 2022!
Strategies for tapping into Courage, Self-love and Beauty.

Seekers Solution was hosted by Suara Lee in January 2022! Discover who you are on a Deeper Level to create Freedom, Joy and Abundance.

Watch here!

From Worry to Wealth was hosted by Tressen Bryant in December 2022. 

Ulrika was a guest speaker on the topic "How to Shift from Being Driven by the Mind to Living from the Heart and Intuition".

Watch here!
(passcode: w&t%q3ih, start at 40:17)

The Trauma Recovery Summit was hosted by Sarah Brassard in October 2022!

Ulrika was a guest speaker on the topic "Stop Playing Small, Get Big Results: How to Commit Wholeheartedly to Transformation".

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The Transforming Love Show was hosted by Suzi Keown in October 2022.
Ulrika was a guest speaker on he topic: “Shifting from Being Driven by the Mind to Living from the Heart and Intuition”

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Manifestation Secrets Summit hosted by Nijma Ali in August 2023. 

Heart Ccentered Leadership hosted by Alicia Love in August 2023. 


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