Stress Relief Tips: 7 Steps to Feeling Like Every Day Off!

Did you wake up this morning thinking “Here we go, another week of work and no stress relief?”

To some stress relief means getting a head start on the work-week (especially if you are reading Sunday night!). You many think “I really don’t have time to read this blog post, but for some reason I ended up here!”.

Believe me you are in the right spot, and it’s for a reason!

What if you could learn tools from a life coach that will change how you perceive your stressful life situation? What if you could remove the energy blocks that prevent you from growing as a person?

Imagine that stress relief feeling of permanent inner calm, sense of flow and lightness in connection with yourself and others.

You can learn how to access that inner place of peace. It’s not just for “enlightened”people. Anyone can learn how to access your inner true self.

Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to be consistently happier than others? Even if they have an extremely busy life with millions of responsibilities and roles to fulfill?

stress relief

Get my best stress relief tips to unlock the secret to find an inner calm like no other. Tips that lead you to an unshakable calm, a lasting fierce calm that can bring you to your next level in life.

Are you ready?

I can personally totally relate to that dreaded Monday morning feeling of pressure because I used to feel just like that for many years, working on Sunday nights to get a head start (at least on my Inbox).

Waking up Monday morning to a to-do list that followed me into the bathroom in the morning as I was adding more items while I was getting ready. 

Having everything on post-it notes so planned out, gave me a feeling of being on top of things.

This was clearly exhausting because of all the energy it took to maintain the planning.

The path to change for me started when I began to get curious and really look at what stressed me out. The willingness to dig deeper was all it took. 

Taking the first steps to make mindful shifts (for example, in the way I approached the start of each day) kept me noticing a weight coming off my shoulders every time I applied my new found practices (learn more about those steps below).

While still having full time job and family, I pretty much was doing the same things I always did on a daily basis.

The difference was inside me.

Get a glimpse of what I used to tell myself and what I learned.

Working too much? Stressed out? Want a day off? Best tips for stress relief are inside the guide “7 Steps to Feeling Like you Have Every Day Off”. 

I created this worksheet just to help you shift your perspective from what you may gravitate towards naturally to something that you may not have thought of before.

This is an opportunity to change a belief or perception of yours. Download my 7-step guide HERE to get started!

First, when you start going down the page – watch out!! Notice your inner voice is likely to tell you a bunch of “cr@p” that it’s not worth even taking 5 minutes to read through this.

stress relief

For best stress relief – How can you start listening to what your inner voice is REALLY telling you.

If you stay with me I’ll review a few common ways our ego is trying to derail us and see if you resonate with any of them?:

Here we go!

Your inner voice may say: “My day is so busy and routine, I don’t have time to think about a vision”!

  • You actually CAN discover your ideal dream day and life if you are willing to be honest with yourself and work through your fear –  a BIG unique vision that you truly feel inspired about. Every day.
  • Think about it for a bit – your vision of what’s next for you may take some time to fully step into and discover. One thing is clear, without the willingness you’re going nowhere else than where you are today.

Your inner voice may say: “Wait, I have to think things through a bit more… that’s how I know if it’s right”.

  • It’s normal to be cautious, but often our stories that we tell ourselves of needing to gather more information is a construct of the ego. To bypass the ego, start living from the heart – moving from logic to heart to access your truth and live without doubting your decisions.

Your inner voice may say: “I have so much to do, I will get to me and my needs when I’m done with everything else on my list.”

  • Even if you feel you’re too busy, self care has never been more important. Our modern daily life brings us farther and farther away from our human needs.
  • It all starts with believing that you are worth it! Make space in your calendar for self care and intentionally spend on your self care and you’ll start to notice a movement towards permanent long term fulfillment.
  • Self care is NOT selfish! Self care is self love. You DON’T have to put yourself last, you CAN put yourself first without feeling guilty.

Your inner voice may say: “I already have a plan and I know how I’m getting there”.

  • When we believe we got it all down in a plan, often something goes wrong, right? To avoid the frustration when things go wrong, learn how to listen to your intuition.
  • If you start listen to your intuition (everyone has it!) and let it guide you you’ll just know the right next step, no doubt or worrying necessary.

stress relief tips

Your inner voice may say: ” I am not good enough to [insert your dream]”.

  • Give your inner critic a new job and you’ll turn into an inspiration for others.
  • We are all born with the ability to doubt ourselves and worry, this part of us is often called our inner critic.
  • But we’re also born with the ability to connect to our true self  where your inner peace and unshakable natural inner power resides.
  • Which one do you want to lead your life with?

Your inner voice may say: “I’m not good enough – Who am I to think I would have anything to offer that someone would find unique?”

  • Have you ever compared yourself to someone else who’s doing what you want to do? I have many many times. I recognize the feeling. It’s a sinking feeling, feeling less than, and it’s a feeling that makes me feel small. I am sure you can resonate as well from situations in your life, maybe even as recent as today.
  • This is where it’s beneficial to shift to a belief that “there’s enough to go around for anyone” who wants to step up and step out to expand into more of themselves.
  • The key here is to start to embody your Ideal Dream Day every day. How do you do that? By increasing the body and mind connection through practices such as yoga and meditation and you allowing true change and expansion to happen.

Your inner voice may say:  “Not sure how I would have time to start doing yoga given my busy schedule?? I want it to be different NOW! No time to wait, sorry & bye! I’m off to my next meeting.”

  • Staying in the busy mind is a comfort zone. The busy comfort zone that we all are all too familiar with. It may feel totally overwhelming to change a habit or even begin to move our busy schedules around when it feels like we can’t add yet another thing into our day or week.
  • Stay consistent – no quick fix is going to do it for you based on someone else solution, only you and your willingness, Every Day is going to get you there.

Now you have quite a to-do list, right? (LOL!) You can decide to start embracing this today to get stress relief. This a very different to-do list than what you are used to…so where to go from here? 

Consider two options for stress relief:

  1. First, if you want to go a bit deeper with these 7 concepts, go download my free 7-step guide The guide will kickstart your thoughts towards a shift to a new mindset in a completely different direction.

2. Second, if you want to go full on and find out how this all could relate to your unique life? Find out in 30 minutes. Click HERE for a free mini-session to find out if coaching with me is for you!

This is your opportunity to grow into more of you, find stress relief and a life that you want to get up to on Monday morning.

What is the one thing you wish was different in the way you start each day?

Want to feel like you are having every day off? …go check out my Free Gift!

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