Life Coach Tips for When You Need a Day Off!

“I need a break! I need a day off!!”

When was the last time you had that thought?

Some of the best intuitive life coach tips are very basic and effective that you can do in 10 minutes with life changing impact.

How many times have you heard “You just need a day at the spa” or “Book yourself on a weekend retreat and you’ll be fine”?


This is for you who feel something is off, you feel your life is no longer in balance.


Something has likely taken way too much room in your day, craved too much of your attention, and caused you to give away your energy to the point that it has tipped over your life balance.

In modern society and in many work environments where the hunt for success and prestige is the hallmark, it’s encouraged to push through those signals of imbalance and keep going. It’s an expectation. And it’s at your expense, the expense of your energy.

What is even more encouraged in modern society is to seek an external quick solution.


You could use some Life Coach Tips! Read On.


You know you have been feeling like this for too long. Long work hours going on for the months, that feeling of “I need a day off!”, constant multitasking and juggling logistics between work and family. “I really need a day off!!!”

You likely know deep down exactly what the cause is, but you haven’t done anything about “it”…..yet. Don’t know where to start?

If you keep ignoring the signals that your body and soul is sending, you’ll hit the famous wall. Total imbalance and total depletion of your life energy.

I used to be the queen of multitasking and pushing through long work hours in parallel with keeping a young family ahead of schedule for the next day.

I was trying to fulfill a natural inborn drive towards career success, and maintain expectations for every part of family and work life, all while telling myself it was all fine and I should just keep going. Some life coach tips were definitely what I needed.


Looking back, my self awareness wasn’t there. I didn’t know what balance in my life could even look or feel like.


I tried all the external things to get back on track, and it worked temporarily, a few days maybe, As soon as I came back home and back to work, however, I was back to the previous stressful routine.

It never crossed my mind to make a halt and ask myself if there was another way of living my life.

Life has a funny way of helping you along sometimes – if you ignore your situation long enough life makes you go down the rabbit hole/hit the wall/get a wake up call so that there is no other option but change.


You decide to get on the path to learn to become self aware so that you can make a conscious choice to elevate your life and live in balance, where your life energy is fuelling your every day purpose.


What if you made a conscious choice today to elevate your life, rather than continue your way towards the inevitable?


It wasn’t until I was willing and ready to look at a different way to approach my day that a change happened.

I brought back yoga and meditation into my life which helped me to go to the depths of self awareness and made me realize everything in life is linked together. I realized that I couldn’t just keep work in a separate category from everything else I engaged in during the rest of the day. The more I worked and focused on work, the more all other areas that balanced my life suffered.

Work is not separate from family life…Family life is not separate from work… Having fun is not separate from work….Personal wellbeing and health is not separate from work….Work is not separate from health…

It’s all linked together. Inner balance is driven by the same laws that are driving balance in nature. When you give one area too much room in your life, another will suffer and imbalance is a fact. 

As you spend energy to maintain an imbalance you get stuck, burned out and drained. When you are in balance you live life with effortless ease and peaceful joy.


Life Coach Tips: Life Balance Assessment


Take 5 minutes to get more aware about your life balance. Follow the simple life coach tips below to do a simple assessment of how balanced your life is.

  • Use a blank sheet of paper.
  • Fold the paper in half.
  • Close your eyes and breath in through your nose and release slowly through your mouth. Open your eyes.
  • Bring out your calendar(s) and go back to what you spent time on last week. 
  • Write short descriptions of these activities on the upper half of the paper. Group them if needed.
  • Then put a “+” or “- “ against each activity. (You intuitively will know if it’s a + or a -).
  • Turn the paper.
  • Write down short descriptions of things you have on your personal wish list (assuming all are + if they are on your personal wish list).
  • Unfold the paper.


Now, ask yourself the following questions:


What does this quick inventory tell you about your current situation?

How can you expand time on the things you wrote down on the bottom half of the paper?

How can you reduce time on the things you wrote down on the upper half of the paper that are marked “-“ ?

Is anything major missing? If so Why?

You have all the answers inside you already. 


A short life coach tip like this can ignite your curiosity, a spark that gives you the courage to start, activate your sense of freedom, creativity and openness to change. You may even decide to do something about it. If you don’t know where to start, schedule a mini-session with me here and we’ll chat about what the opportunity is for you.


You don’t have to change what’s in your life.

Instead – Learn How to See Your Life In a New Light and Bring Balance Back Into Your Life.


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