Boring Life or Purpose Driven Life? 3 Simple Goal Setting Tools

Do you keep asking yourself – “Where am I in this life I’m living? I don’t feel like I’m even participating in my own life…”

Does every day feels like a routine, today feels like yesterday? Same thing over and over.

Routine. Boring. I don’t even want to think about goal setting.

Do you want  to start living a purpose driven life?

Some women ask themselves “WHERE  is the real, true ME?” and the spark I used to have?

You may hear: “I am clearly just going through the motions of life, doing very well having a great job, family and I’m very successful at what I do.”

“…BUT it’s soooo BORING.”

It’s hard to admit that you, a successful busy woman like you, is feeling bored, but sometimes it’s the truth.

There is hope my friend.

Do you want to live a purpose driven life that feels nothing like routine and totally like the real you?

Stay with me here because these goal setting tools that I am about to share does magic for you and how you view your life!

The one thing that makes life go on routine is feeling like you are having a million demands on you.

Sometimes the days become so boring.  Same things over and over.

get out of autopilot in life

Maybe it’s because of work, forcing you to feel like you always have to fit the mold, please others, perform your best, and be proactive and stay on top of everything.

Every day. Year round.

Maybe it’s your home life where  you need to think ahead to keep it all together and make sure everyone have what they need. 

Every day. Year round. 

On top of that, you maybe rarely see friends in person anymore like you used to and miss the days when spontaneity was the norm, not the rare occasion.

I find it a very common inner feeling for many and it’s a disease of the worst kind.

However, when life is going on autopilot we don’t appreciate what we have, we just see the hurdle, and we are stuck.

I used to feel exactly this way and my life really was put on autopilot enabled by the planning and scheduling that had to happen to make things work from day to day between work and family needs.

Every day looked the same, day after day.

I really didn’t know what to do more than to continue the next day in the same fashion as the day before.

Autopilot was my comfort zone. And it worked. For a while. I was so resistant to look at what was really going on.

Resistance is understandable when we are getting out of our comfort zone.

What is the comfort zone that you’re living in?

The antidote to resistance is curiosity and having FUN!

Think about a time in the past when you REALLY had fun. What was it about that situation that made it SO MUCH fun?

What was it about YOU that made you feel so happy?

purpose driven life

I love a quote from one of the early issues of Joanna Gaines’s Magnolia Magazine where she reflects about being curious and playful with her kids, and she says:

Once I’m in it, I’m reminded that I am more than I thought I was”.

This is exactly what I mean with stepping out of what’s boring in your own life and experience something anew through curiosity and playfulness. 

Routine has no home when curiosity is at play.

With a little bit of curiosity and willingness you can look at the opportunity in your life that you have in front of you right now.

You can start the journey of self-discovery that could lead you to your ideal dream day, IF you want to do the work it takes to embrace the feeling of being fully present, purposeful and alive.

Making a major shift to a purpose driven life starts with deciding to step out of the boredom and into the magic.

If you’re one of those who have decided that NOW is the time for change, here are 3 essential goal setting tools that you can start exploring today.

This will get you curious and if apply them they may create magic for you too.

Now to the question: Where to start?

First, bring out a piece of paper and a pen, then dive into these 3 steps.

Purpose Driven Life – Tool 1: IDEAL DREAM DAY Visualization in meditation

1.Put on your favorite calming, inspiring song. Close your eyes and take a slow, full, deep breath in through your nose, out through your mouth.

2. Visualize your Ideal Dream Day big-picture-view of your situation and a life that you want to create for yourself. See yourself having FUN! How do you feel? See your face smiling. Be brave and take a look at what this image tells you!

3. Bring in visually in your mind a picture of yourself in this ideal situation and environment. How does it look, smell, sound, feel?

4. Add in others close to you into this context of the whole (this never fails to inspire and give you the perspective).

5. Ask yourself what is your Ideal Dream Day that REALLY excites you? Skip the circumstances, limitations for a moment and go for it! Don’t stop until you have a smile on your face and that bubbly feeling in your body. Sit with this vision for at least 5 minutes.

6. Now open your eyes and take 5 minutes to write it down and don’t stop to edit anything. Keep the music going until you are finished.

Purpose Driven Life – Tool 2: HONESTY Reality Check – Just the way it is

1. Now get down to be brutally honest. Prepare yourself by once again closing your eyes (no music this time! or pick another (slow and calming) tune), take a slow, full, deep breath in through your nose, out through your mouth.

2. How satisfied are you currently with your current reality?

3. Write down how you truly feel about it for 5 minutes and don’t stop to edit, write it all down just the way it is. No rosy glasses, just raw truth.

purpose driven life

Purpose Driven Life – Tool 3: The OPPORTUNITY of Closing the gap

1. Witness the gap between your ideal vision and the reality check.

2. What does this gap represent for you? Describe some of your feelings coming up right now?

3. Identify the opportunity. What is the shift here? How can you shift from seeing it with your heart instead of your brain, as if it was the first time ever you felt this way.

4. Take a few minutes to write down your never before inner thoughts. Sit with it, soak it in.

5. How willing are you to close this gap and do something about it. What does your gut tell you TRULY?

6. If you feel the fire inside that it’s time, now or never, you are in the right spot, you are reading this for a reason and things are going to start to happen for you.

Now it’s decision time.

What is that ONE little thing that you can commit to put in action this week towards your new ideal dream day vision? 

Don’t try to analyze what comes up, grab whatever comes to mind first, go for it, write it down in bold, and you have clarity! And more FUN!

Most importantly – Start and the pressure will be off and you are ALL IN!

 Boredom is no longer.

If you feel you want personal support to make this change through private coaching with me – click  HERE for a free mini-session.

What are you SO ready to change?

What do you wish was available to you in order to get started?

Would you like a step-by-step online program to explore all of this?  Check out my online program Self Care Accelerator and other offerings here.

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