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"This was so empowering in so many ways. It was definitely affirming about my path, but also gave me an inkling about my own ability to access this information"

- Alicia L.


Hi I'm Ulrika, Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach. You may wonder what my journey with astrology is? And most recently how I got into galactic astrology?

Many years ago I signed up for an entry level class in western tropical astrology. I quickly picked up the basics and started to follow a number of astrologers podcasts to deepen my knowledge. 

Following my own astrology, using Human Design and GeneKeys combined became a new way for me to relate to both personal, clients and world events.

Soon I began to offer readings for others, noticing that I have a natural talent of interpreting other's charts and combining the insights with coaching. It's a powerful way to integrate the insights from a reading into daily life.


When I came across Galactic Astrology, it clicked with me immediately. I had been looking for a way to apply a quantum perspective of our soul and this was it!

The opportunity to combine  my intuitive skills with traditional astrology and a galactic perspective really spoke to me.

Galactic astrology is helping us to connect with the quantum cosmic perspective of our soul. It's taking our self-awareness out beyond our solar system out to other galaxies and fixed stars.
I welcome you to a multidimensional view of yourself.  Let's dive in!     
If you have any questions please email me directly: 

Client Love

"This information is enlightening. It's like a Torch!"

– Gokben C.