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Need a Life Reality Check? 3 Steps To See Your Reality In A New Light.

Hey! Have a seat. Do you feel you need a life reality check?

This is a profound question to ask yourself. Do you live in the past or the future, or do you live today? If you say Yes, it may be time for a life reality check!

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In our modern world there is always something to strive for, so many people are living their lives in the future or through the experiences from the past.

Are you living life by forging ahead with no break or reflection? 

For some reality is a struggle when it’s too hard to be real and transparent with feelings about what’s really going on here and now. For some reality is equal to happiness, wishing this day wouldn’t end. Why the difference? 

As a busy woman with millions of responsibilities, roles to play and goals to hit, living with the feeling of needing an escape from reality is a common need and frequent wish.

However, to truly get to experience the opportunity to grow, you’ll have to face the reality you are living in. 

life reality

A total life reality check.

The clearer you can be about your struggles today, the clearer you’ll set yourself up to find clarity on what you really want to change. 

Being present here, right now is about being real with yourself.

Today is the only time where change can happen because it’s only in the present you can make a decision.

By facing your reality today, you open up the possibility to step into your power and allow change to happen.

How many of you have pushed through when your body and soul says “You’ve done enough for one day”? The reality for you may be quite similar to the reality I lived a few years ago.

The reality where I had two hours more of work to complete after the kids are in bed. Traveling on Sunday night for an early Monday morning meeting on the opposite coast going right to dinner and bed 28 hours later. Attending a work conference over the weekend and go straight to Monday morning work with no break. 

I know some of you are saying “That sounds like me!”.

By really taking an honest look at your reality you set yourself up for success. Coming to the conclusion of saying “I need a change” is huge, given the common resistance to admit something needs to change.

Admitting to yourself that your reality (whether it’s work or at home or other things or people) is no longer serving you to allow you to be at your best is when it’s time.

life reality

The breakthrough comes when you are starting to feel inspired about the opportunity to change things up and create something that brings a smile to your face rather than keeping pushing through with a stressed scattered mind that is going to leave you even more exhausted.

When you are inspired about something like a change for yourself (nobody else) it’s easy to get started!

The moment you think differently your life reality check happens in an instant.

A belief is a thought that you keep thinking. And it’s easy to slip into the victim mentality when you keep thinking about reality as if it was in the future “When I am ……., I will be happy” or holding on to happiness that you felt in the past, but not today.

Allowing happiness, gratitude and awareness be part of your day can take you to new heights today.

You have the power to make a total life change just from shifting the thought “I can’t change my life, to “I am changing my life today”.

Allowing to take in your reality just as it is today, and feeling thankful for everything that you have experienced (good and bad) so far in life, bringing you to where your are right now is one way of acknowledging the importance of reality. However the ego is strong with its role to protect you from your perceived threats .

You know the tricks and the stories you tell yourself. 

If you feel that you are ready for a total life change you need to look at your reality today. This first step is really important. You’ll need to look upon your life and what’s going on with an objective eye.

Let’s do an experiment!

Observe yourself the next 3 days as if you are walking beside yourself, just watching yourself instead of getting involved in all the reasons why, or get into solutions or start thinking about the next steps. The point is that you are watching a movie of your life and you are the observer.

You can do this through meditation and journaling. Download the step-by-step worksheet here!

You can experience your reality in a calm, neutral and connected way through meditation.

Step 1 – Observe your reality in meditation.

I recommend to allow at least a 10 minute meditation where you invite yourself to observe yourself from the outside. Your inner vision follow yourself to work, being with the kids, being with family and friends.

Just observe, no judgement, no solutions, just walk beside yourself and notice. This is the beginning of your total life change.

Notice how you move? What are your face expressions? How do you interact with others? Notice your body language?

Immediately after the meditation, journal about what you notice about yourself. Write down what comes up with no edits.

This is your reality.

life reality

Just the way it is.

Step 2 – Share your reality with someone else.

Share your authentic story with someone. Put your reality into reality and talk about what you see. Reflect upon your reality with someone and insights may come to you.

No need to dwell on the reasons or receive solutions from yourself or someone else just yet. Share with someone to help YOU make it real for you.

Speaking your truth is much more real than having it live in your head.

Feelings may come up quite immediately. This is natural. Our mind puts interpretation to most things we think.

Step 3 – Celebrate that you learned something new about yourself today!

You are creating momentum to change by inviting your reality to today. Only from here you can take this insight and pave a new image of what you want to become and make a total life change.

Furthermore, positive healing thoughts are carrying a positive charge and you will attract more positive vibes. What you focus on you get more of.

Bring in appreciation and acceptance of yourself.

Accept opportunity to be present, and you are open to receive change.

The key is willingness to see your reality just the way it is objectively, gain the self awareness through observing yourself and accept, appreciate and celebrate today!

Finally, make a commitment today to stay in the reality of your life, describe it to yourself and reflect on it through journaling. Connect with it, celebrate and release it, let it go!

From now on a total life change opportunity is wide open to you.

Witness the gap between your reality and where you want to be?

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