Want to Live Your Dream? 3 Steps to Your IDEAL Dream Day!

We all carry a dream. I carry a dream. You do too.


Do you live your dream day? Have you ever thought about how the dream that you’re carrying around inside you is linked to your purpose?  

Where you (yes YOU) are right now in your life is directly linked to that dream that you’re carrying around inside. 

Your dream may feel so far away, so unreachable right now, but think about it this way:

Your dream life is a clue to what you are put here on earth to do. 

To make your dream more real and achievable you could start by asking yourself  “What would my ideal dream day look like?”. This may be more difficult than you think it is. 

live your dream

So, sit down and take a few minutes to visualize your ideal dream day right now. What would you do? Where would you be? Who would you be with?  

You may wonder, “What’s keeping me away from connecting with that ideal dream day?” 

One of the biggest reasons for not moving past the daily grind is that we disconnect by allowing ourselves to get overworked, worried, and stressed.

We let that energy to take over completely.  

All day we move fast from one place to another, we keep our focus on external accomplishments, we focus on what others do (and don’t do), and the story goes on… 


Are you too stressed and fully booked to even imagine your ideal dream day?


If you’re already living your dream, congratulations! But more likely, you are still wondering what your purpose is and how you can start living the way you truly want. 

So how can you connect with that dream more? What can you do today to make steps towards living your Ideal Dream Day? 

First step is to set an intention.  (Learn how to set an intention here in my online workshop “Create Bracelets and Intentions!”)

For many years I had put everything I had into work and family, and what I realized was that I was stuck in the day-to-day grind which was far from my ideal dream day.  

“I’m not working towards anything other than just keeping it together”. 

What a life!


So how did I get off autopilot and into connecting with my inner dream? 


Well, for me, as it is for many, it was a step-by-step process. The breakthrough, though, came as soon as I allowed myself to slow down, loosen the grip on my well planned out day, and be truly open to the possibility of change.  

Then everything started to unfold. 

When you allow yourself to connect with that dream inside, something magical happens. It feels like you’re taking a big step forward out in a wide open, but safe, space that is full of love and support.  


This feeling of support is one-of-a-kind. It’s the kind of support that doesn’t go away, no matter what happens. 

Once I started to connecting with my true inner dream, through expanding on my talents and gifts, life became much easier. I was feeling less frustration, less tired, my life showed up with fewer perceived obstacles, I was experiencing less ups and downs, you name it! 

Here is what happens – By honoring your inner ideal dream, you connect yourself to your inner natural energy force that brings out the very best of you, through your talents and your gifts. 

live your dream

When you step into your purpose, using your talents, your energy increases because you align with a vibration of natural energy that is part of every one of us, down to every single cell and atom on earth. 

That’s why life is started to feel so much easier! Things started to flow. Less effort. And I naturally feet supported to start shaping my Ideal Dream Day!  Step by step. 

Does this sound like a great idea?  


Would you like to start connecting and live YOUR ideal dream day NOW?


Here are three steps to give you a massive kickstart towards your dream: 

1. Connect with your talents and gifts.

Everyone has a talent. Go back to what you used to love to do, the things that you do naturally, the things that light you up.

It’s natural to forget, but spend some time to go back to those moments where you truly felt alive. That’s the starting point to look for. 


2. Connect with how you want to feel.

Many of us live our lives complaining and feeling frustrated, worried and stressed because that’s how most people chose to approach their day, even if it feels like resistance.  

  • Connecting with your desired feelings is about turning this automatic mindset of complaining on its head.  
  • Really go deep into what the feelings are you’d like to feel every day in your life. Not just how do you want to feel when you come home in the evening after work. Connect with your desired feelings for EVERY area in your life.  
  • Your life is linked together, so are your feelings. 

  Almost there…


3. Lastly, connect with your Dream. I mean the DREAM of your WILDEST dreams, allow yourself to dream BIG!  

  • If you feel like you don’t have any big dreams, that’s not true!  
  • Watch out for your inner dialogue. Notice what that voice is telling you. Your inner critic is holding you back! You can totally give this inner critic a new job. 
  • The truth is that if you don’t feel your dreams are big enough, think about the last time you failed. What was the worst thing that happened?  
  • If you don’t believe in your dream with conviction, it’s not going to happen.  
  • We all want to feel protected, that’s natural, but are you playing it safe with what you know is not going to make you happy? How are you going to show up differently? 
  • This step is huge! 

“You’ll see it when you believe it.”

-Wayne W. Dyer


If your dream still feels quite unreachable, how do you start putting all of this into action?  

It all goes back to how you can expand on your dream within your everyday. Expand into living your Ideal Dream Day. 

live your dream

Break your dream down into something you can feel is doable everyday. And maybe even just a small part of your day to start with. 

One of the most powerful ways to make a change that’ll last is to connect to your dream by starting a new morning routine that you LOVE!  


How do you feel when you’re waking up in the morning? Do you live your dream? 

  • If you start your day in a rush, with a to-do list that’s already full, thinking about what needs to be done at work and home, you likely feel overwhelmed and stressed. 
  • If you start your day by connecting with yourself, journalling your thoughts out on a page without edits, in gratitude, setting an intention for the day to come, you’ll start your day feeling calm and connected.

Here is a different way. 

When you start a new morning routine, and getting curious about yourself and your life in a different way, it’s an an opportunity to start a new practice that can live with you for a lifetime.

When you apply the three steps above and change your mornings, you’ll cultivate a mindset shift from your rush-go-go external focus.

What happens is that you’ll replace the focus on what needs to be done today, with an internal focus where you honor how you want to feel and why. 

This shift can be life changing.

So, what is the one little thing you will do today to connect with your dream and purpose that you are carrying inside?

Make a commitment today. 

Want to live your Ideal Dream Day? 

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