Breaking Codependency to Become Sovereign

We’re going to talk about breaking codependency to become sovereign. This topic I feel is long overdue. And long overdue are some of the patterns and cycles that we maintain unconsciously if we don’t allow ourselves to notice them.

So let’s dive into this important topic and let’s take a look at the energy of codependency first. Just because we become adults at some point, we think that we automatically become our own individual, our own person.

But how true is that, that we are a sovereign being, automatically when we’re becoming an adult. More often, we are bringing patterns and attachments to our past, into adulthood, and it plays out in different ways.

Some patterns are serving us really well. It encourages us to be the person we are and have self-expression that isn’t aligned with who we are.

Some other patterns that we bring in with us into adulthood are not serving us anymore. Breaking codependency is important.

And some attachments to people, behaviors, or values even are pulling us down and making us feel heavier energetically.

My own story of codependency meant that I went into adulthood, not really feeling that I had my own opinions about things. I leaned on others, especially my mom to provide me with the right answers. And that had been a pattern of mine since childhood. I took it with me into adulthood without really reflecting on it back then.

I realized after having done work on this myself that it’s important to allow myself to notice the patterns that were not serving me any longer.

What I noticed was that I didn’t want to stir the pot. I didn’t want to make a fuzz. So I stepped back and let others decide for me what was right for me.

You probably can see the dynamic that not wanting to really stand for who I was or what my opinions were, was a codependent pattern for me until I broke it.

For others, it may be to attach to a family member and the values that they gave to you in childhood, and never really question if those values still are valid for you.

These are just examples of codependency that we bring in with us from childhood young adulthood into adulthood. And we don’t really question them unless we are open to looking into our life, identifying patterns, such as codependency, and other patterns that may serve as well.

What does it mean to become sovereign?

In my opinion, sovereignty is an inner feeling. It’s an inner feeling of sourcing love from within as opposed to codependency, which may be a dynamic with somebody else or a situation or where we feel we need to get something back.

Whether it’s love validation or other energy attachments that feed our own love on subconsciously becoming sovereign is to source that loop of love.

Self-love within ourselves, irrespective of who’s around us, even immediate family, siblings, friends, partners, et cetera.

It is that inner energy of “I AM”. I am sovereign. I am my own. And I know what’s right for me.

This concept has a link to the episode last week, where I talked about how to listen to your own intuition and trust that yes, becoming sovereign includes trusting your own inner guidance system, your own intuition and your connection with what’s greater than you.

So how can you become more sovereign?

Well, it comes with that openness to look at what patterns are existing within your life today, and specifically release patterns that are not serving you anymore.

And it may be very subtle.

It may be a friend that you have been relying on through your childhood and up to adulthood. That relationship that may have gone into more of a codependent relationship as you have grown up.

Here’s the way you can identify a codependent relationship. For example, what is the energy within that relationship?

Does that person, for example, allow me to feel like I’m expanded that I have the freedom to say, to express, to be myself, because if somebody is codependent on someone else, it often comes with an energy and a feeling of restriction and, you know, if and where that exists within your life today.

And that may be an indication that there may be a pattern going on there, and there’s an opportunity to break codependency. Another way to strengthen your own sovereignty is to connect with your inner child.

And yes, as an adult, we have an inner child within us, and that is simply our life force. The more we connect with our inner child, listen to that inner child, what that child is telling us that we need.

The more we can feed and satisfy that inner child. And that is linked into this loop of self-love that we can source within ourselves and not rely on external people or situations or things.

So when was the last time you were playing, I mean, like playing REALLY FREELY with no intention?

That is the energy of your inner child. And if that was a while ago, you were truly playing. That is something that I truly encourage to make space for yourself in your life to play and unbounded to expand on that energy of the inner child.

What could you focus on in your adult life that has the same quality energy as that freedom of play that your inner child loves? How could you bring that more into your life today?

Codependency is an energy of restriction. Breaking codependency is freedom.

So go back into your life, look around within yourself, where you feel restricted?

Is it at work, is it with a family member? Is it a certain situation that you frequently are in, you know, wherein your life you feel restricted? And that could be an indicator of codependency as opposed to sovereignty, feel expansive and inspired, and you have a sense of freedom and play.

That is your energy of sovereignty coming through. So thank you for listening to this episode. I hope you got inspired to get out there and play, breaking codependency and becoming more sovereign.

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