Using Creative Inspiration to Unlock Your True Self

In this episode, we are exploring something that many of us adults have really gotten away from or lost. When we fill our lives with creative inspiration, it can help unlock our true self.

Creative inspiration is available to us at all times. But in a world of templates we have always done things in a certain way, we’ve kind of lost the creative spark.

If you are someone that is not really feeling alive, not feeling connected or present in your life?

This episode is for you.

We’re not talking about creatives, such as artists musicians, and that traditionally have creative lives. What we’re talking about here is that inner spark within you, that is your creative life force.

It’s an energy of creative inspiration!

The energy is like the one we had when we were little kids. That unbounded way of approaching things that unrestricted energy of curiosity. It’s an energy without judgment, without any assumptions or interpretations of the present moment.

It’s that innocence and that pure energy of creativity, the life force that we all have within us. But we may have put it over there because we have responsibilities. We had things we had to do or things we were told to do.

Now I’m encouraging you to call that energy of creativity and inspiration back into your life.

I remember must be a few years ago. I had an idea of doing something that I hadn’t done in a while. And I ended up signing up for a creative workshop. My inner critic said “I don’t know, I’m not creative…I can’t paint… I can’t!”

But there was something in me that said, sign up for this workshop, because you’re about to get a taste of your own life force.

My subconscious told me I didn’t know at the time, but that’s what happened. And my experience with this workshop was completely taking me back to a feeling of living free.

And we all know how living free feels because we all have been children in the past.

That creative inspiration energy is still within us.

So whatever I did at that workshop, whether it was sitting in a drumming circle or creative artistry through painting or sculpture, it was an experience of tapping into that life force.

And that was so freeing.

What happens when we do that, when we tap into our natural talents and gifts? It is in that state when we feel creative, free unbounded, that we are in our essence.

So why does this matter?

If you are someone that is not sure what’s next for you in life, or you may have a career choice to make, or in relationships. I want to inspire you to bring more creativity and inspiration as an energy into your life today.

One way of calling in the right relationships for you calling in the right career for you calling in the right next step for you is to tap into that inspiration and creativity.

That’s why it matters.

And unless you do that, you’re not unlocking that energy. That is your life force your essence.

So let me ask you a question, how are you creative today?

And I’m not talking about, how well you paint a painting or how well you can write a book. What I’m talking about is that energy that makes you feel bubbly, that energy that makes you feel just smile.

That’s the energy that we’re after here.

So sit with a few minutes to call back a moment in your life when you felt this unbounded energy. That inner power, that happiness, and see if you can identify what it was about you at that time.

You can call back on now, today, and on this journey of calling it back into your life. You may have to let go of some limiting beliefs however.

What is getting in the way of you being in this inspiration and creativity of yourself? or When did you last feel a sense of awe?

We can call on that sense of awe within ourselves, or an experience with somebody else. For example, when we meet the newborn child. That’s the energy we’re after because that activates that life force in ourselves or a young child.

When we go back to think of what was it that was unlocked in you then, because you can bring it back.

You can always bring it back to now, even though the expression of that feeling, that energy may be different.

So how can you make more space in your life to rekindle that spark of creativity and inspiration?

You’ll be surprised how it unlocks what you are today, your talents, your gifts, your opportunities, just by calling on that energy.

And if you want more inspiration, I recommend to go back to one of the episodes that I did on getting out of the comfort zone.

What you’ve always done, tap into that creative spark of you, that life force that is you.

I also explore this topic further in my book in chapter seven of my book – Wisdom Beyond What You Know: How to Shift from Being Driven by the Mind, to Living from the Heart and Intuition. And if you’re curious, you can listen to a chapter of my audiobook.

Or you can go to my website or and get to know me a little bit better.

Intuitive spiritual life coach Ulrika Sullivan


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