Know Yourself for REAL! Your True Self is Your Essence.

Often we form our self-image from what others are telling us about ourselves. Why get to know yourself for REAL? The power of getting to know your essence, natural gifts, and talents is an empowering experience. Go on a journey with Ulrika to discover your own hidden gems.

We often build our self-image based on what others are telling us. We believe what others are telling us, but there’s more!

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What you learn about yourself without anyone’s input is also important, if not the most important. Self-awareness based on what we learn about ourselves is our essence.

Getting to know yourself for REAL is to get to know your true self.

Who do you want to be? Here’s an opportunity to step into who you want to be, not what you’re told you are.

Are you showing up as who you want to be?

How do you want to show up?

What do you want to fill your life with?

What do you want to contribute?

The empowerment to choose who you want to be is yours and only yours because it’s like going on a treasure hunt. To uncover all parts of yourself to come into your life, so that you can live a whole life!

Your true self is your essence.

Without self-awareness, there’s no opportunity for change. If you want to get to know your real true self it will require you to ask yourself questions, not only allowing others to be a mirror to build your self-image.

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When we increase our self-awareness we open the door to our own unique self-expression and happiness. Get to know yourself for REAL!! Schedule a free 30-min coaching session with Ulrika!

Learn more about how to shift from being disconnected from your true self to becoming self-aware.

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