How Can Galactic Astrology Help Me?

How Can Galactic Astrology Help Me? Unlocking the Wisdom of the Universe with Galactic Astrology.
Ulrika Sullivan is an expert in Galactic Astrology. She uses the power of astrology and intuition to help people understand their soul essence to gain a greater perspective on their lives.

In this episode of New Light Living podcast, Ulrika is being interviewed by Alli at the Illuminated Castle.

By being aware of our energetic imprint, and our unique alignments to planets and stars, we can gain insights into our purpose and access sources of universal wisdom. Ulrika offers spiritual guidance and insight to help humanity better understand themselves.

Key takeaway:

  • We can gain a deeper understanding of our souls, our past lives, and our current life by accessing our galactic astrology.

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When did you first develop an interest in astrology? My interest was peaked by my younger sister who had studied astrology for a few years.

This is often what happens, we get an activation through somebody else or come across something, for example, astrology that we pick up really quickly.

That’s the sign basically, that there’s something here that you may have done in the past, in the past life, or you’ve actually practiced astrology in the past.

So pay attention to that because that’s what happened to me. I got activated and interested in it, and I just kind of dove into it all by myself and picked it up really, really quickly.

This was a number of years ago now and I have been using astrology mostly for myself until recently when I started when I actually became a practitioner and a certified galactic astrologer.

It’s definitely that inner journey first in terms of applying it to myself and my own life, but then now actually, you know, act helping others to, to know more about their, their soul self and their bigger self.

I love what you said about activation because I believe right now on the planet there are so many activations taking place that are peaking a return to some of these ancient sciences that will be returning on our planet.

Galactic astrology is really giving you the opportunity to know yourself on a multidimensional level. And when you begin that process, it just opens up so many opportunities for further expansion on your spiritual journey.

How would you explain the difference between tropical Western astrology and galactic astrology?

Some are familiar with, the tradition, of what I call traditional astrology. And the astrology I practice traditionally is the Western tropical zodiac wheel. And when I explain Galactic Astrology, it’s almost like the outer layer of that traditional chart.

It’s the outer cosmic layer of that traditional chart that we usually look at because it really is the outer perspective beyond our own solar system.

And traditional astrology often takes into account our solar system and the rotating planets and asteroids in that environment. But galactic astrology really includes the stars as well as the cosmic bodies.

My understanding is the astrology that we know on sort of the western tropical type is more like this incarnation particular, you know, to what’s happening. Whereas what you’re saying is this encompasses different incarnations that we’ve experienced throughout the cosmos.

I wouldn’t say always that our traditional chart is only this incarnation. Because there are ways to actually look at past lives in a traditional chart as well.

But it depends on what angle you’re taking because part of galactic astrology is also to combine it with intuitive downloads.

Galactic astrology has a layer of the unseen in it as well, tapping into the Akashic records.

It’s not just to look at the chart and, and say, here’s your galactic history. It’s actually a lot more than that in terms of this tuning into this unseen, soul history, of someone.

But to go back to your question, I personally feel that our energetic imprint that is placed in our, our chart at birth, whether we use the lens of traditional astrology or western and western traditional tropical astrology or let’s say Vedic astrology, which is another modality or galactic astrology, it’s really our unique soul essence that is in that chart.

So I personally don’t think it’s just this incarnation, but it’s free for interpretation.

Why is galactic astrology important right now?

Why are we talking about this?

I have a sense that humanity is ready to have a bigger perspective of who we truly are.

And often we relate to ourselves in this life – I go to school, I go to work, I have this house and you know, the mundane. But this layer of information that we actually have access to all the time, it’s just a matter of us opening up to that perspective is now going to be more available and ultimately more mainstream.

We’re ready to have a bigger perspective of who we truly are, not just this person in a body on earth, right?

But what is, and things that we experience, for example, in this life may not be all about this life. And that’s why we can then go back to past lives in the universe to find answers.

I think really what you’re asking is, are we ready to start relating to ourselves as energy?

And with that statement comes how do we relate to ourselves outside a physical body?
What can we learn about ourselves from that perspective?

Also, the more we relate to ourselves and our bigger selves, our higher selves, the more we need to ground ourselves too.

So going back to this whole idea of understanding ourselves.

What is your understanding of Starseeds and what you, you come to understand through galactic astrology?

Starseeds is a term that some of us are familiar with, and I think as humans we want to put labels on, people. Sometimes it’s necessary to be able to know what we’re talking about, but it’s a very human way of wanting to label things.

My own perspective on Starseeds is yes, there are souls that have taken on missions that are of a certain kind, to serve in a certain capacity. But there is nothing that says that if somebody else hasn’t taken on, a mission like that is any different.

I think it’s a useful term because Starseeds has been talked about and written about and there are books about Starseeds, but I think that has served its purpose really well.

As humans, we like terminology, but at the energetic level, I don’t see any difference between a soul and a soul in a way, right?

More importantly, the energetic imprint may be different for someone, and we pre prefer to label that a Starseed.

And another energetic imprint is something else if you’re, let’s say having a different mission of some sort that doesn’t fall into that category.

But, so I personally don’t really prefer the term Starseed because I feel sometimes it may bring some judgment or polarization even, to divide people into certain categories.

I appreciate you saying that. I feel, yeah, like you were saying, we do want to label things in this reality. It’s just that nature and there is a lot of buzz about that concept.

And also the greater picture is that whether or not you are or are not a star seed, you are here incarnated on Earth for a purpose. We all come from, that frequency, which is pure unconditional love.

And, that’s really all that matters is the love that we carry in our hearts and how we serve one another.

So I really wanted to touch on that because I feel that it’s important just to mention those words that,
that are lingering around in our society.

So curious about some of the readings that you have done.

Would you be able to share a little bit about what you have discovered about yourself, by going into your own galactic astrology?

I have actually done some reading on myself and that’s pretty interesting because, but part of it, I am actually leaving to others to read for me. Galactic astrology is not just to pick up the paper and say, okay, you are this or you’re that.

It, it’s a collaboration between, our intuition and the Akashic records that actually the source is the source of this information and our intuitive downloads in combination with the chart.

Each soul can originate from different environments or we can call it dimensions. Soul origin is often related to group consciousness, not individual soul consciousness.

But when we start to talk about the reading and the galactic chart that we actually have access to and, and that can get mapped in terms of those markings, that’s when we start to talk about an individual soul and their characteristics or origin or ancient history.

Our souls are so ancient that we have multiple connections to places out in the universe.

So it’s, it’s in my opinion, not really correct to say that I’m only this type of Starseed or that type, right? Our souls have traveled and experienced so much.

So let’s say I have a strong ancient history with Andromeda, but I also have a history with many of us who are incarnated on Earth right now, we have a history with the Lyra constellation, and we have a history with Orion Constellation.

Many of us have experienced the polarity that is going on here on Earth already in a previous environment in past galactic lives.

We may actually finish up some unfinished business, many of us around that energy now. So yeah, it could be multiple, multiple connections, but it’s, it’s all in the chart.

Going back to I guess the star seat or the markings that you have noticed in some of the readings that you’ve done in galactic astrology, what are you finding, I’m curious to know, and again, taking into account, you know, we’re so dynamic and multidimensional.

What are some of, I guess the more common that you might find? And then is there any particular planetary marking that you’ve seen that you found quite interesting or that was new as far as like a soul’s ancient history?

So I’m gonna just say a few that most that are are very common because the human race has a certain history, galactic history, and commonality.

Many of us are connected to the Pleiades, for example, which is connected to any planets or points in late Taurus degrees and early Gemini.

And I get a lot of questions about that, but some people just like, okay, great, now I know. But what really is about is what is your energetic balance or energetic experience from that star system, let’s say?

Because in the reading, I also am very intentional with the readings that they’re actually related to something that is going on in your life right now.

So that’s the connection that I wish people made, not just say, okay, I’m a Pleiadean Starseed, but actually what is that all about?

Because as a reader, I can uncover basically the energetic story about your connection with that star system, and how it affects you today.

And, also what I find so interesting is that I feel these shifts taking place on the planet. During our ancient history galactically, we have existed on different planetary systems that our soul has likely gone through per perhaps different galactic wars.

There are so many aspects of our soul’s history that have been impacted by galactic events that will be coming to the surface more as we begin to understand ourselves on this planet in this galactic way.

So I find that really interesting too, that many of us many are, have incarnated with karma from some of these previous incarnations, planetary incarnations that we have chosen to resolve at present on this earth journey.

I’m glad you asked that because you know, one perspective that is very important is, how we balance energy, which is how I explain karma. And each incarnation has to do with that karma balance, the energy balance that, we decide to do.

The karma load of this incarnation I can sometimes tie back to your galactic soul history.

And, it’s, interesting to talk about karma in that sense because yes, it can actually help people expand, their own experience here on Earth now.

Because if you think about it, every incarnation that your soul has ever decided to be part of has led up to this life here right now on earth. So that’s pretty mind-blowing, right?

Everything that we’ve experienced as a soul, and here we are today, and that’s kind of the last incarnation we’re on, right?

The insights that this type of information, the galactic information can, can give you is an understanding that it may not be in this life that what’s causing your frustrations or anxiety or depression now.

And that’s mind-blowing to some people to say when I can track back to, okay, in this life, because it came up in this reading, which means that it’s relevant to this life here, this dynamic took place.

Just having that understanding of this dynamic at the energetic level can help resolve limitations that we experience in our own life now.

That’s pretty powerful.

Galactic astrology practice is also having its roots in past life regression.

For example, much of the insights about galactic lives have been generated back to past lives where people have been regressed back to referring to galactic lives.

I understand your readings are quite extensive and so I wanna make sure everyone’s aware that it’s not like you just set up an appointment.

Working to prepare a reading is a very dynamic experience and you receive a lot of downloads, what information could you share?

Can you give us a little glimpse of it?

Yes, just to give a perspective, I spend a number of days in someone’s energy, working with the charts, working with intuitive downloads, and identifying what’s important in terms of what comes out in the chart versus the stories that come through.

It’s definitely a very immersive intuitive environment for me for a couple of days before I deliver the reading to you.

In looking at your chart quickly, I can definitely see that you have connections to the Centaurus constellation. Centaurus is closer to Earth than the Andromeda constellation. So that has likely been one of your incarnations also in, in Centaurus Hadar. And you have also strong connections and energies coming in supporting, your destiny in this life.

Because the north node, the south node, I take a lot of energy from that, the karma that you are leaving behind versus the direction that you’re going into your south node and, and north node and the alignments to that gives a direction for also your sole mission in this life. And you have very strong connections to acts and the neighboring constellation Virgo speaker as well.

I definitely can see that you’re carrying this life some energies of a spiritual master teacher as part of your mission.

Now you also have very strong angelic support. I look at the royal stars and, and we often have angelic, you know, the angelic realm comes in as a connection to the royal stars.

So your most recent soul history is you have spent likely time in the angelic realm as a soul. And to tease out the story around that, like what was your role, what was the archetypal energy that you were working with there in the most recent incarnations before you came to earth that requires a little bit of intuitive session by me to tease the details out.

But that’s some of the, definitely some of the connections that you have very clearly in your chart.

Now I just have to say that I sent Ulrika my information, but I did not receive any of this until now. And I’m just like, I’ve been receiving goosebumps just throughout this whole conversation.

And I just feel just so much humility and gratitude and I’m just feeling really overwhelmed.

Thank you.

I have no words and it’s still a lot of what you’ve said to me has not really fully gone in and I understand your sessions are so much more than just this information.

But this is exactly what happens. It’s an activation, this information, the conduit for it, but it’s an activation, of somebody’s soul already knows all of this information.

But your soul, your heart already knows all of this.

So it’s, it’s great, your reaction is that validation, of your response to that information.

It’s, and, and that’s exactly what happens in the readings. Imagine an hour and a half of that.

I want just everyone, to really go on this journey of knowing thyself because really and truly as Ulrika said, no matter where you have come from, you are such a powerful aspect of unconditional love and you are here for this most amazing transition that’s taking place right now on the planet.

And so I just wanna thank you so much, Ulrika.

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Galactic astrology is an area gaining popularity and Ulrika Sullivan, a popular coach and author, offers spiritual guidance and knowledge in this subject.

Through this practice it is possible to gain a deeper understanding of oneself, their soul’s essence and origin, and how their past influences the present.

By tapping into energies associated with the black holes such as the Galactic Centre and the Shapley Attractor, along with past life regression, personal growth and development can be more effectively activated.

There are universal sources of wisdom that can inform our lives, and it can be an honor to listen to Ulrika’s teachings in order to gain insight into how we can live a multidimensional life.

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