Your Intuition is the Secret to Never Question a Decision Again! -


Your Intuition is the Secret to Never Question a Decision Again!

Do you want to learn why your intuition is your secret to success?

Do you run a scenario over and over again in your mind? Want to stop worrying and getting exhausted?

The abilities of using your intuition to never doubt a decision again is on the rise!

Women often ask me “What should I do? I am not sure what to do….I am doubting that decision I made!! What if???

Have you been lying in bed at 4am with the brain in overdrive trying desperately to come up with the best strategy for the next day?

“Am I doing the right thing? What’s the next step? It’s driving me crazy!!” ….and as a result you get up in the morning feeling exhausted. 

Are you getting invested in decisions with a promised result as your ego takes over and is trying to run endless scenarios of possibilities.

Therefore, the mind-mill is happening perhaps because you really want that promotion.  Or you really want to see that project you have worked so hard on succeed? or you really want to make that sale you have worked for months on?

We all know how it feels when we feel everything is on the line and it HAS to be RIGHT.

If you are a busy multitasking woman who feel lost, anxious, empty and distracted by all the decisions that you have to make on a daily basis, don’t worry I will show you a strategy that has helped me.

Your feelings are generated deep down due to the lack of trust in your true decision making power, which is always available, your intuition.

Often women are seeking validation from others – friends, spouses, thought leaders and colleagues over and over again. This can be an exhausting process.

Can you relate to the anxious feeling of rushing and pushing when feeling stressed, making a decision and hoping for the best? Or going with what someone else says.

intuition is

I used to lay there in the dark at 4am worry about the next day. I worried about how I could make that next step and drive a project forward to where I wanted it to go.

As a result, I was tired when it was time to get up in the morning and I had already filled my to-do list with actions.

I got so frustrated that I kept questioning and doubting myself. I was trying so hard to figure out the right answer.

That’s when I let go, and found the answer.

Everyone has the ability to tap in to intuition, our higher self, this is already built in as part of being a human.

If you open up to another way to succeed and learn how to rely on your intuition and trust it. You don’t have to run a decision in your mind over and over doubting yourself ever again.

The most important part here is the TRUST IT part. It’s also the most challenging part to get to. Trust means that you have to let go, or surrender to whatever outcome is going to show up. 

Do you trust your gut enough to allow your creative intuition to speak over your all-knowing ego?

It may sound like woo-woo to rely on your higher self and guides etc. You probably have at least once had a strong gut feeling about something, didn’t you just know it was right?

It is your higher self giving you direction and support through your inner knowing, your intuition.

Therefore, it’s easy to start explaining away an intuitive hit that you have received. The mind usually takes over right away and starts to rationalize a logical answer.

intuition is

Snap! the gut feeling is gone because the mind already limited the options and turned it into something realistic and do-able. Ugh!

I believe that we all are guided by our higher self and our higher “team” of guiding spirits.

Getting guidance through the natural force of energy that is around us, all the time is how we get the feeling we are on the right track.

It’s our job to learn to align with the energy frequency of our own intuition and access our full potential.

As children we are born with this ability to dial in and allow our higher self take the front seat. As young adults we have a choice to  dial in more with our friends.

We learn to keep up with external circumstances and appearance and it can can take a lifetime for you to come back to the true self again. 

Coming back to your true self only happens if you surrender to the fact that you cannot push things into be a certain way, rather an element of surrender.

The most successful visionaries, including the most powerful business women out there rarely doubt themselves.

If you work off of your intuition as the guide rather than a pre-defined formula for success.

It’s intuition in action!

Using your intuition is linked with your intentions & starts with getting into the practice of willingness, desire and letting go.

Start practice the below three tips today and stop worrying about what’s the right next step. 

This is a practice that you and everyone around you can learn, everyone has access to intuition. This is a practice that will leave you calm with a sensation of tapping into a force bigger than yourself.

You feel that you belong within the solution, not separate from it.

To make your intuitive voice part of your decision making, you need consistently practice to let go of how you want it all to turn out.

You may feel very challenged because you may be used to go for the pre-defined goal, planning out every detail how to get there.

Intuition is requiring you to pay attention to this moment. Right now. Meditation is the most powerful way to practice being in the present moment.

Only in the present moment you can catch an intuitive answer.

If you are not already meditating regularly, I can help you get started and establish a consistent meditation practice and teach you how to access your intuition, jump on a mini session with me HERE.

intuition is

Your answer to your question is not coming from a well thought out strategy, a project plan you developed or a goal set at the beginning of the year.

The answer comes from a creative, centered place within you that aligns with an intention you have set.

Intuition in practice! Start tapping into your intuition:

1. The very first step to using your intuition is to open up to let your intuition guide you

    • Your intuition will give you direction in the moment if you are willing to turn the flashlight on you and ask yourself ‘What do I desire?
    • Many women turn to the next post, webinar, new business book or business podcast guru for an answer without asking themselves first.
    • When your next decision comes up ask yourself – What do I desire?

2. Next, is to start look for signs

    • Start with looking for signs that you are tuned in to your intuition and higher self. Signs can show up in various ways.
    • Common signs are number combinations as 1111 or other numbers combinations.
    • Sometimes, the same song keep coming back when playing a playlist, or a butterfly keep’s coming back to visit again and again.
    • Signs are given to us all the time, we just don’t pay attention to them, we basically ignore them because we are too focused on what’s next.
    • For the next 5 days, look for signs!

3. Third, start an intentions desk drawer

    • I am a big fan of post-its. One of my favorite practices is to have an intentions drawer.
    • You surrender your wishes and show the universe that you welcome a solution beyond your ego and rational mind. Follow these simple steps:
    • Write down your intention on a post it note. It could be “I welcome …[this or that] to happen……
    • Put your note in in your desk drawer for a week without going back to look at the note.
    • After a week, pick up the note and rip it up and toss it away in the trash without looking at it.
    • Pay attention to the answer to your intention you set. It may be already obvious to you.

Introducing you to these three steps in create a practice of stepping back and surrender to an outcome unknown to you is essential.

If you trust it will happen at the right time instead of trying to push it to a specific timeline you are right where you need to be.

You can practice this intuitive leadership for any work or home decision even on short notice. Always know the answer to any question is already within you.

So you may ask ‘Why am I not already doing it, or why isn’t the answer clear to me?”.

When you accept that you are right where you need to be,  the answer or solution usually shows up naturally.

Get into the practice of asking yourself for the answer first and notice how you feel in that moment. The more you pay attention to the signs, the intuitive gut feeling and body response.

The more you will grow the skill of using your intuition with intention and you’ll know instantly what’s right for you.


and live with
more ease & flow!


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