Kuiper Belt: Returning to Ancient Knowledge

It’s fascinating to explore the energy of the Kuiper Belt Objects such as Haumea (136108). The energy of the Trans-Neptunian objects is connected to collective and individual ascension.

In this conversation with fellow Quantum Soul Galactic Astrology Practitioner, Painter, and Mom Ursula O’Farrell we explore the multidimensional energies of Haumea, and how this asteroid is part of guiding us to return to our hearts and New Earth.

Introduction 0:00 Our connection to Haumea 3:52 Kuiper belt objects: Why are they important now? 14:52 Kuiper belt objects and New Earth: 23:27 Haumea energy signature: 28:43

The Kuiper Belt objects are orbiting outside Neptune. They are still in the flow of Neptune’s influence and the water that Neptune represents.

Venus and those planets that are closer to Earth are considered personal planets. But I would argue that all of these Kuiper Belt objects are also not only influencing us as individuals but also the collective.

The impact may be similar to Pluto’s, Neptune’s, and Uranus’s influence on the collective.

Kuiper Belt objects are representing a quantum perspective, a quantum leap.

Many times we are closer to the energy of the personal planets, Mars, Mercury, or Venus. But these influences and energies from the Kuiper Belt that we now are getting more access to it. Because when we have discovered energy and asteroid, we also have access to it.

Potentially, the quantum leaps that we’re really going to experience, the Kuiper Belt objects are really part of that guiding us forward.

0:00 Haumea and Lemuria energy. 7:40 Haumea energy assisting embodiment. 11:45 Lemurian crystals supporting embodiment. 18:58 Haumea synchronicity – BONUS Chart review

We talked about this from more mental energy, using logic to problem solve to a shift of more feminine, intuitive energy. A perspective that we desire to have that creates more balance. It comes with also experiencing our environment or ourselves even in our bodies differently. And that’s what embodiment is.

So much in previous eras has been driven towards experiencing things in our minds.

But now we’re asked to move down in our bodies and our hearts and listen to that wisdom. So this shift is part of what Haumea is helping us to actually move down in our womb.

From my perspective, everyone has a womb, even if you’re a man or woman or whatever you identify with. There is this energy of birth, of rebirth that we all have access to.

So I think Haumea definitely is part of that grounding experience into Earth. And the connection to the elements and the sky.

When you think about embodiment as a way of living, it’s like returning to the Earth. But also returning to our body, which is of the Earth.

Sometimes it’s easy to get hung up on labels, but what does this archetypal energy represent for you?

Haumea is the grounded feminine embodying a heart-centered way of living.

Lemuria is an archetypal example of a collective of co-creating together. Creating with wholeness as a focus in flow with the Earth and sky.

Where in your life is the divine feminine not yet fully expressed?

And does this resonate with you or is it something that you are curious about?

When you’re curious about learning something new about yourself, that’s the indicator of a coming shift within somebody’s soul journey is that curiosity and resonance.

What are you curious about with regard to the Kuiper Belt objects? Let us know!!

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