Personal Development Tips: Kickstart Change With Ease

Are you going to wait until life pushes you into personal development with a bang?

Or do you want a kickstart to change into the personal development mindset?

The first step to a major change in personal development is to get started, and then the pressure is off.

But it’s easy to say, not always easy to gather the energy and courage to REALLY start a change, especially if life is crazy busy and the week is already planned out.

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Often the kickstart that gets someone to realize that a change needs to take place, happens through a personal traumatic major life event, whether it’s the loss of a job, a divorce or depression.

A major life event that causes big change usually happens when things have gone too far and life is giving you a reminder to listen.

At that point, everything comes to a screeching halt.

How long have you been thinking of living your life differently?

The intervention by life can be too much to handle for some and the option is not pretty.
There is another way.

Making a personal commitment and a decision to change and prioritize your wellbeing is enough.
It’s as simple as making a decision and you’ll feel that the pressure on your shoulders is gone.


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The second you make a conscious decision that it’s time to change, an emotional energy block around personal development is released and acted upon.

The path of change all of a sudden seems totally clear and natural.

One of the keys to getting started on the path of personal development is to identify and release the energy that is behind the feelings of overwhelm, frustration, confusion, blame, distraction, avoidance, and defensiveness.

personal development

In addition, perfectionism is an expression of an emotional energy block that can appear as being effective on the surface, but is actually holding you back from acting from a place of balance, purpose and authenticity.

What is going to flip the switch to making personal development a priority for you?

Is it yet another job that is exhausting or boring? Are you handling more work and additional kids activities that are piling up leaving no time for you?
Does the constant feeling of not being enough wear you down?

The most common things I hear when someone is considering coaching for personal development is:

“I know I want and need a chance, but how do I know what I want to change or how?”

“I don’t think I can do it. I don’t think I can change. Maybe later when I have figured it all out”


That’s when it’s time to ask:

“What is the cost to your life long term if you were to keep things just way it is?

That’s when the switch flips for most: “OK, that is an unacceptable scenario.
Let’s start today.
I am ready.
I don’t want to wait anymore. How can I get started?”
Essential to any action in life, whether it’s renovating a house or personal development, is to believe that a change is worth it.
You need to believe that if you are indeed to change, it’s going to result in what you want.
Would you renovate a house without believing it was possible?

No. It’s the same with personal development.

Believe that it’s possible, envision yourself already there, and the change is already happening.
In the same way, it’s critical to get honest with yourself and own it.

What does it mean to “own it”? It means that you can see your contribution to how you got to this place and your part in the current situation.

This can be very difficult to admit and see clearly.
Responsibility is something that most people at some point in their lives are avoiding.
Now is the time to own it.

Owning it is also the same as seeing reality for what it is and align with the reality.

Sometimes it’s easier to not change, but judge others instead. Judging is a way to defend and rationalize your current situation.

By judging you make someone else the focal point, taking away the focus from your need for a change and why for a minute.
This is a reverse energy that gives a false sensation of control.
personal development
The more you judge, the more you are going to stay just where you are. Keeping your focus off yourself and eliminating the opportunity for personal development and growth.

If you are right at the cusp of making a decision to elevate your personal development, don’t wait for the perfect moment to start. You are right where you need to be.

Here are 3 simple spiritual life coach tips to naturally kickstart you into the mindset of personal development:

You can start personal development before you even know what you want to change or where to start!

1.  Say YES to every opportunity that comes your way.

Start with a duration of one week. EVERY single opportunity that comes your way. This is an experiment that is not only going to shift you into the mindset of possibility, but also give you a head start and momentum.

You will feel you are on your way and just that feeling of opportunity will align you to the force of abundance.

2. Give compliments at least 5 times a day for a week to people you meet.

Compliments are like giving gifts. It feels good. In the average interaction between two people, there are very few authentic compliments.


Because humans naturally are wired to look after your own agenda first, then listen and appreciate another human.

And there are fake compliments and authentic compliments.

Authentic compliments come to you naturally, in the moment, they are not given for a reason to get something in return, but with intention to truly give a compliment to another person that you both feel.

I have created this practice for you to become aware of the power of giving authentic compliments.

Pay attention to the following when you give the compliment: What is your intention when you give the compliment? How do you feel? How does the compliment get received?

3. Write down 3 sentences per day describing what you are grateful for about yourself. Yes yourself!

The biggest barrier to change is the belief that we can’t change. It’s more comfortable to stay the way you are, even if it’s causing you your wellbeing.

What are some of your strengths or qualities of yours that you are proud of and why? Explore new strengths and qualities every day for a week.

Don’t forget to write down why.

I am grateful for myself because…

This practice will build your courage and curiosity to start a change and expand on those strengths and how you bring them out to the world.

Bonus tip: Get a journal and start treating your own personal development time as sacred.

With this kick start practice comes self awareness, which is the key to change.

Without self awareness, no change.

personal development

Before I started journaling I rarely let the constant train of thoughts stop.

I didn’t pay attention to what the message was about myself, about others and situations during my day.

Journaling changed that completely.

It’s amazing to witness what comes out on the page when I allow myself just free write.

I have learned so much about myself along the way.

Watch this video with me to learn more about Intuitive Journaling.

How about 15 minutes of free writing everyday for a week? a month? a year? or two?

You’ll be amazed what you discover!

Who’s in for the challenge with me?

In summary:
1) Say YES to every opportunity that comes your way.
2) Give compliments at least 5 times a day for a week to people you meet.
3) Write down 3 sentences per day describing what you are grateful for about yourself.
4) Bonus; get a journal dedicated to use during your personal development time.

Change does not have to come to you through a major life event.

It can start today.

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and live with
more ease & flow!


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