How to Take Aligned Action: Why Personal Growth is Key

What is success in today’s world? and Why is personal growth the new way to succeed?

Are you also noticing that the definition of success is starting to change? For the longest time, success was measured by an impressive resume, a high salary, and excellent social skills, not inner personal growth.

If you had all of that you were golden.

But something else is starting to come into play in addition to credentials, money, and emotional intelligence.

And that is….Personal growth!

What does personal growth mean? It means something different for every person.

The new formula for success is your level of self-awareness, your investment and your focus on personal growth to ultimately align with your true self and your purpose in life.

You may think, “One’s level of self-awareness is a very subjective thing and you can’t measure it!”. You’re right, you can’t measure it, but you can FEEL it and it ultimately shows in your actions.

When you can take ALIGNED action your next step is clear and right in front of you, rather than flip-flopping and acting on something that doesn’t feel right.

When you take aligned action you know what’s next, you know that it’s right – without questioning it, or feeling doubtful.

No one else can copy the way you feel, express, and act on your unique purpose.

No one else on this earth has your purpose.

If we are in alignment with our purpose, we are unstoppable. When you’re unstoppable you’re successful. When your purpose is turning into a successful career, you’re on your way to unbelievable new heights.

Have you ever come across someone whose career or business just took off and launched into a huge success with seemingly very little effort?

And you wondered how all that happened so fast?

When you find out what your purpose is and align with it, gone are the days when you dread going to work. Instead, it feels like a vacation, it feels like a breeze.

Another benefit is that you won’t have the famous Sunday night anxiety anymore, and you won’t have to “play it strategically”. (Meaning: using your own agenda and outplaying everyone else to get that promotion at work to succeed.)

When you’re willing to do personal growth work, it leads to self-awareness and you naturally come closer to your purpose.

You will realize personal growth is the new way to succeed.

You may want to ask yourself questions you may never have asked yourself before.

Questions like:

“What do I really value?”

“If I could live my ideal day, what would that day look like and how would I feel?”.

“What are my true talents and gifts?”.

You may be amazed at what you learn by taking a step back to really listen to your honest answers.

The honest answers that emerge, when you do the work of becoming self-aware, are the platform for change.

It amazes me every time when people compare their own situation and trajectory to other people’s success.

We are programmed to compare ourselves to someone else. Wanting what someone else has; thinking we’re not good enough with what we have or who we are.

But the comparison game is a dead end. Because people’s trajectories, talents, passions, and limitations are not the same.

Two people’s purposes are not equal.

On a similar note, one’s definition of success is not the same as anyone else’s. Comparing your own personal growth path to someone else’s personal growth path isn’t going to be the like comparing resumes and credentials like we did in the good old days.

Early in my career, I fell for the same habit as most others do – the comparison game.

I wanted the MBA to be able to compete at work, I wanted that next promotion to be able to show I was a valued employee, and I wanted to put prestigious training courses and certifications on my resume to show off. 

personal growth

I wanted it all. 

All this to be able to compare myself to my peers and impress my superiors.

What I didn’t realize then (that I do now), is that while it was impressive, I just followed the path of what someone else had done already.

Someone else had that MBA already. Someone else out there had almost the same resume as I had. Had similar degrees and had made similar career moves as I had made.

Nothing unique there really.

Part expectation, part predictable.

So, what’s the formula to go from predictably-impressive success to unbelievable-beyond-measure type of success?

Now we’re getting into it!

Once I began to tap into my own personal growth and lead with my feelings.

I  aligned with what TRULY inspired me and my talents and gifts just showed up!

But it wasn’t until I realized that success is not what’s on the resume, it’s personal growth that is the new way to succeed.


And the ULTIMATE success is really the smile on my face.

The smile on my face comes from being aligned with my true purpose and the ability to take aligned action.

The smile on my face comes from that never ending inner calm and trust that I now have in life because I’m right where I need to be.

There is no more striving for another credential to put on the resume.

intuitive spiritual life coach

So how do you make that shift from the stress and pressure of chasing the next promotion or degree to that calm and content smile on your face no matter what?

Do you want that “unbelievable stand-out-beyond-measure success”? 

Here are 3 simple steps to start off with:

1. Dare to take a step back, even if you feel it’s a waste of time.

This success formula ironically starts with slowing down. That’s counteractive to how we’re taught to reach success by pushing ahead and not wasting our time.

But honestly, slowing down is required and necessary if you want to increase your level of self-awareness.

I know you may have heard this before, but I can’t recommend you enough to start regular meditation, because it does both of those things for you: it slows you down, and helps you become more self-aware.


I highly recommend to also starting to write down all your thoughts for 5 minutes every day. I mean ALL the thoughts that you can possibly write down over 5 minutes.

This technique is called free-writing and it’s one of the most simple yet powerful tools to become aware of what actually goes through your mind.

Try it today! Let me know, how was your experience.

It’s probably harder than you think it is. Because we are not always aware of our inner dialogue. But if you slow down you’d be more and more aware of your inner dialogue.

This is where the fun begins!

2. See the opportunity for inner personal growth.

We often hear the term think outside the box ” at work when a new solution is needed. But rarely do we think outside the box when it comes to our own life patterns.

We just do things the way we always have, think the same thoughts the way we always have, and so on. Without questioning it.

But when we’re asked to think outside the box at work to find another solution, it’s no problem!

We do it all the time to perform, to keep our job. And sometimes brilliant solutions are created.

But, then we go home and live our life like we always have. Even if we’re not happy, or feeling stuck.

Life patterns reflect who we think we are.

What do you do regularly in your work or home life that’s not healthy or serving you any longer?

What’s the opportunity here? Take a few minutes to reflect upon what thinking outside the box means for you in terms of personal growth at this stage in your life.

It’s time to realize personal growth is the new way to succeed.

3. Find a life coach that is focused on helping you to shift your inner experience.

How you experience life is possible to shift! What I mean by that is the life-changing inner shifts you can make to experience life differently. When you experience life differently you’re taking aligned action.

You generate stand-out success aligned with your true self that is going to take you into the future with ease and calm.

soul growth

For example, maybe you’d want to make an inner shift from being a task-oriented goal-digger machine (who can act purely from logic, ignore feelings, and just push ahead),  to trusting your feelings and the guidance of your intuition.

Then I will take aligned action based on that level of self-awareness and intent.

My recommendation is to seek out a life coach who can help you make those profound inner shifts first, rather than a coach who would go right into helping you iron out the action plan right away.

Both your inner shifts and taking aligned action are essential to success in our future world. The inner personal growth has to happen first, then you’ll know intuitively what aligned actions to take. 

In summary:

Personal growth is the new way to succeed. Success is no longer defined by credentials or impressive resumes and rewards.

A new factor is starting to come into play when it comes to success, namely 1) your level of self-awareness and 2) your alignment with your unique life purpose.

3 simple steps to take if you’d like to start this personal growth journey today:

  1. Dare to take a step back even if you feel it’s a waste of time.
  2. See the opportunity for inner personal growth.
  3. Find a life coach that is focused on helping you to shift your inner experience and take aligned action. 

So take action today, and don’t wait to explore what truly lights your inner light, because it could give you that “unbelievable success beyond measure”. FREE mini-session available here to get you started today.

Are you seeing Your opportunity for personal growth and aligned action to become a stand-out success?


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