Releasing Physical and Emotional Pain with EFT

My guest today Lauren Fonvielle is passionate about helping those with physical and emotional pain or chronic illness. She helps those who are suffering from stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

If you don’t know Lauren, she calls herself an Integrative Energy Practitioner and Energy MindShift Coach. She helps her clients tap into their self-healing power to  break through obstacles.

In some cases, many of us feel that we are living stressful lives that generates a greater need for support to release physical and emotional pain.

In this episode we talk about tapping, emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This is a powerful modality to release emotional and physical pain.

It’s easy to ignore our emotions and we just continue without releasing them. Ultimately, EFT can help you find freedom from your emotions by linking your emotions with the body.

If we ignore our physical and emotional pain we may stay in a fight or flight mode.

Ideally, EFT can help release pent up emotion and balance our emotions with our body connection for a deeper more balanced experience.

If you didn’t know emotional freedom technique is accessible to everyone and kids. Everyone can learn this beautiful modality. It can be very useful for all ages!

When you’re tapping on body areas and speaking out loud and acknowledge an emotion you can release it. And how moving the emotion through the body to release it. The combination is very powerful!

In her life she gained the passion for EFT from her personal experience with the technique. The release of physical and emotional pain that EFT has provided Lauren has fueled her interest and passion to teach other’s this technique.

You are encouraged to stay the entire episode and we’ll do some tapping together! Join us!

Finally, you can find Lauren at

Learn more about Ulrika and her book Wisdom Beyond What You Know: How to Shift from Being Driven by the Mind to Living from the Heart and Intuition.


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