Self Awareness: Think Beyond the Gym for Self Care

Have you have ever wondered why you are not feeling 100%, even if you believe you have everything seemingly possible?

So many people these days are craving more and more external stimulation, but external things are starting to do do less and less for us.

Self awareness is becoming the new entry point to creating self care that’s truly making an impact.

Self awareness is self care for our inner world.

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Currently it’s like we need to consume more and more to feel good.

We need to shop online to feel better about ourselves, work more hours to feel accomplished, or we need to workout like crazy to appreciate our body, or spend more time watching influences online to feed our inspiration.

Still not feeling 100%?

A couple of years ago I felt exactly that. I didn’t feel 100%. And I didn’t know why.

I had anything that anyone could ask for. A very successful career, awesome kids and husband, many close friends, an active social life, you name it. 

But I still didn’t feel 100%. 

self awareness beyond the gym

Now I know why.

My turning point was when I realized that I didn’t put my self care and well-being first. I put so many other external things first, so that my attention to my own needs always came last.

No wonder I didn’t feel 100% despite a picture perfect life.

If you’re feeling that nothing is TRULY deeply exciting, just OK, imagine living a life in joy and awe every day feeling fully content and fulfilled.

It is possible. If you are willing to discover how.

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It’s a myth that the road to personal change has to be a hard one. Many times the experiences of hitting rock bottom can be VERY hard and many times that’s the inevitable.

The fear and belief that everything possible has to fall apart in order to change is one of the reasons that many women don’t even allow themselves to THINK about making a change to their life.

Many women just go on to the next day and the next. Same way as yesterday.

I know by experience that personal growth doesn’t have to be this total rock bottom experience, which is followed by a long road to get back on track and move forward.

Change can be something way smoother. The turning point for me happened when I became open to change.

Think about this for a bit.

To be TRULY OPEN to change, not just as a thought, you have to mean it. 

You have to admit it to yourself and you have to believe that you deserve the change.

Simply, when a rock bottom hits you hard and cracks you open it means that you haven’t been open to change along the way.

The rock bottom is the final wakeup call, the slap in the face, the falling apart has to happen.

This is the last resort. 

This is why it’s so important to start to honor your own needs for self care today.

Not later. Not do it half way. Do it for real. By “real” I mean be open to gain more self awareness.

Be open to go deep to return to yourself so that you can find your calm. So that you can avoid that inevitable punch in the face that otherwise would come from left field one day.

self awareness beyond the gym

I don’t want you to go through a rock bottom. There is another way that’s MUCH easier.

Self care created based on a new level of self awareness will bring peace to your mind body and spirit.

It all starts when you are open to gain more self awareness.

If you haven’t gotten the results you want from your current self care practices such as going to the gym, eating healthy, and so on.

Consider starting a self awareness practice to build a foundation for your new self care if: 

1) You feel super stretched, there aren’t enough hours in the day, and you’re last on the list to be taken care of.

This is me to a tee a couple of years ago. I maxed myself out every day at work and then at home with my family, and never got to myself.


I wasn’t aware I could do it in a different way. I wasn’t aware of what I truly needed.

To take responsibility for everything that happens in your life starting today is a hard pill to swallow, but the truth is that without taking responsibility for

  • who you want to be
  • how you want to show up
  • what you want to fill your life with

…then it’s hard to get to the truth about taking care of You.

2) You feel lost, you doubt yourself and you often revisit decisions, asking others for advice constantly.

One of the things that is part of the journey to self awareness is to find out what your true values are and what matters to you.

This may be something you aren’t thinking about every day, but it’s essential to get to the bottom of this.

Your values drive everything you do, believe it or not, so this is something you would want to be totally clear on.

3) You feel that other people around you make you stressed, you take in their problems, their problems become yours and you get upset.

I used to be so upset at others when someone did something I knew wasn’t right, or good for them, or behaved in a way that I didn’t like, or…. The feeling of others’ problems becomes the direction of what to do next. 

This is a game changer.

Through practicing self awareness I can now say that I relate to to others in a completely different way. That is truly a key component of my wellbeing today.

4) You feel you need to be in control and stay on top of every move in your life to be able to succeed.

When I see myself as a former multitasking and planning queen who never was early to a meeting, always planned ahead and started my work week on Sunday afternoon, I know this is a big one for many others.

The relief that I felt once I could let go of the thought of always having to be one step ahead is an amazing feeling.

The self awareness and a complete new level of trust in the process that I have today is something I wish for you as well.

There you go.

If you’re ready to think beyond going to the gym (or whatever you’re doing now that’s not getting you to 100%) when it comes to self care, look no further.

A self awareness practice can change your life. Then you can build a self care practice that is realistic for you and that feeds your needs in a different way.

As you start your journey of self awareness, you’ll first begin to reflect on how you got where you are today.

self awareness beyond the gym

Then you’ll thank the past and let go of it, and begin to create your best possible today. Every day.

So lastly, what are the benefits of practicing self awareness?

You’ll find out what:

-you really love to spend your time on.

-is not serving you anymore.

-truly matters to you.

-you need to stay you.

-truly motivates you.

-makes you truly happy.

One way to approach it all is to start looking at it as a journey of discovery to get clear on what is unique about You.

And to go on a journey of self awareness discovery is similar to the feeling of coming home, or the feeling of finally sitting down on your couch after a crazy busy day.

Here’s what I recommend.

Begin today.

So, if you’re not feeling 100%, like something is missing even if you’re going to the gym multiple times per week, eating healthy and seemingly taking good care of yourself?

It’s not too late to invite a new level of self awareness to your life.

Consider buying a journal or a notebook and start writing down things about yourself that you want to learn more about.

Start writing down your questions to yourself today. See what answers you’re getting.

How can you start taking responsibility for a new level of self care today?

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