Listen To Yourself and Take Back Your Power

In this episode I speak with Leslie Lindsey Davis, author of the book You Can’t Eat Love about how to listen to yourself and take back your power. She is a living example of How learning to love yourself can change your relationship with yourself, and for example food (which is also the topic of her best selling book).

She is passionate about helping others to take back their power. In this episode we talk about how important it is to learn how to listen to ourselves.

Leslie is giving away her best tips on how to do just that.

Take Back Your Power and Love All Parts Of Yourself

Leslie says “I was busy sacrificing herself on the altar of everybody else” and she hit rock bottom. She was standing in front of a crossroad and a choice how to take back her power instead of continuing to giving her power away.

She is reflecting on the past two years and the sense of powerlessness that came over her. But she could use the same wisdom she gathered previously to realize that controlling herself is all she can do. And everybody else has to control themselves.

Leslie is pointing out that as long as we’re focusing on choices and don’t see ourselves as victims we can choose empowerment always.

An important question for Leslie has been “How deeply are you involved in something? Is it supporting your empowerment or hindering it?”

When she stopped ignoring her own feelings she felt a massive release. This led her to starting to take care of herself in a completely new way. This allowed her to change her relationship with food and many other things in her life.

The breakthrough for her came when she learned how to speak up for herself and own her emotions.

She is now able to stand in her emotions and allow them to be, whereas before she ran from her emotions.

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