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Make Time for You! 7 Easy Ways to Find Space in Your Calendar THIS week!

“Where did the time go? Feeling you can’t make time for YOU right now?

How many times have you heard that comment in reference to time? Time is a major focus and stress factor in our modern world. I’m sure you feel it too.

The perception of time is that we don’t have enough of it.

Comments like “where did the time go?!” generate a feeling of loss, lack and FOMO! It makes us feel guilty and believe that we’re not effective enough etc.

Do you feel the same?

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I know I do. And I know I’m not alone. Most people refer to lack of time when it comes to things they want to do or accomplish. Also, it’s an excuse that allows us to procrastinate.

What if we didn’t refer to time as the limiting factor? 

How would we make the reference instead?

The Perception of Time VS Fun.

Maybe we could reference our level of satisfaction? Or how about live by how much fun we’re having? For example, if we lived by to how much fun we’re having instead of referring to how much time we have, we could forget the time aspect and look to having as much fun as we could every day.

Think about that for a moment.

What would be different if you referenced how much fun you’re having instead of when something needs to be done? That would be quite a difference, wouldn’t it?

For the longest time I was using time (and I still do to some extent) as a yardstick for when I wanted things to happen, or I used time to judge if something was done well or not. Only to find out that things didn’t happen when I wanted it to (!?!). 

make time for you

Simply, I usually wanted things to happen in my own way, on my own timetable. Period.

Can you relate?

If yes, you’re also like me caught in the war against time. Which can never be won…how much FUN is that??

Using time as a criteria for reward is usually not a good idea, it’s just adding to the stress when trying to get something done.

Give yourself a chance to have FUN!

If you want to live your ideal dream day, you’ll have to consider how to make space in your calendar and free up some time, without the feeling of guilt!

Basically, what this means is that you give yourself the opportunity to not be under time pressure while doing something.

This can be quite a new and different experience, because we are programmed to structure our life based on time, the hours in a day and when things need to be completed. Only then can we feel like we are doing a something worthwhile.

To free up time in your calendar can be a major undertaking and surprisingly a very hard task to actually do.

Here I’ll give you some simple but powerful tips how to kickstart the opportunity to make space in your calendar and life. Try it THIS week – allow for some more fun, or finally make space to do something for yourself.

Here we go: 7 easy ways to make space in your calendar and life THIS week!

These tips may sound simple, but to actually DO them for real, it’s a different story.

1) What would it take to COMMIT to make space in your calendar THIS week?

Committing to spending time on ourselves is the hardest thing to do ever. Because most of us have a hard time prioritizing ourselves over everything else that needs our attention.

So to truly commit to making space to have FUN, without a time-limit or another important endeavour like personal development, is easy to talk about but SO HARD to actually do.

So for you, my friend, what would it take to consider moving some of your commitments this week?

You’ll instantly see the result of having less commitments in your calendar, more open time, and more focus.

make time for you

2) What activities can wait this week?

Oh this one is good. Usually NOTHING can wait, right? Everything is priority #1 always.

So the way to think about this one is to really think about what we want to happen this week.

What are the results that you’d like to realize this week? What is the effect of those results? Think about what the result/effect or outcome that you’d like to see by the end of the week is and shave off anything that wouldn’t contribute to it.

3) What needs to be completed this week?

When we think about what will be completed instead of what we need to do, the story is often a bit disjointed, because there are millions of things we do, but not necessarily related to what is getting completed.

So, focusing on what you want to complete can help you to free up time because anything that’s not related to what needs to be completed is basically not needing to be done right now.

How does that sound?

4) What can you let others do?

Oh so good! This one is sooo hard. Delegate??? Noooo!  – “It’s better I do it so it gets done…!”

Have you ever heard that one before?? Yes I thought so…!

Not letting others help us is one of the most time-draining decisions we ever make. When we try to do everything ourselves everything comes out great, BUT it’s consuming your TIME.

So, what things on your calendar can you let someone else do this week? Identify at least 3 things that are on your calendar right now that you know you can hand over to someone else.

5) What’s the big picture?

When we get stressed and feel like the world is closing in on us, it’s because we’re too focused on the issue, not the solution, which often involves creativity and seeing the big picture.

To see the big picture, you can ask yourself: What is the worst thing that can happen if I don’t do this thing this week? What would be another way I could make it happen that doesn’t involve me?

Being creative with the big picture in mind may generate some natural solutions!

make time for you

6) Do something for yourself this week. Make time for you.

Now we’re getting into the FUN!

By the way, when was the last time you did something for yourself?

Today you’re going to move something that is currently sitting there in your calendar and then block some time for yourself on your calendar instead.

This can be harder than you think, but start small. Maybe it’s a visit to the farm stand, maybe it’s to go buy some flowers for yourself and put on your desk?

One thing is true – that it’s FUN when time stands still as you do something for yourself. Try it!

7. Help someone else to free up time in their calendar THIS WEEK!

Lastly, what better reward to make space in your calendar for this week than to actually help someone else make space in their calendar to implement these tips for themselves.

Partner up with someone to support each other in continuing to make space in your calendars for time to have fun, or work on that personal project that you know is bringing you joy.

Time does stand still when we are creative, having fun and are filled with joy and gratitude.

Time is our most precious metric, but also the most stressful metric we live by today. To feel less stressed and live more in balance with your own life rhythm, try to step away from the perspective of time more often.

To get lost in an activity that inspires you, like free-writing until you’re done, or just not plan anything for a day, may uncover some genius next steps for you.

How can YOU make space in your calendar this week?

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