Self Care Tips: The ONE Thing You Need to Accelerate Your Well-being. |


Self Care Tips: The ONE Thing You Need to Accelerate Your Well-being.

Are you carrying around the feeling that you’re stretched too thin?

The human brain is wired to endure, to keep going and push forward. But sometimes that’s not what we need. This article will give you self care tips and the one major thing that is often overlooked.

Sometimes we need something completely different, other than the drive to push forward. Guess what?

Self care is often one of the things that gets taken off the list of priorities when we are stretched too thin, when we have too many things on our plate, and when we have to keep our life afloat.

The result is often that we get farther and farther away from our true self.

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People who are stressed often get the feedback somewhere along the lines of “You’re no fun anymore” or “You’re not here, you’re somewhere else” meaning that the mind is working on overdrive and you’re not really enjoying yourself.

When we are stressed we are no longer tapping into our true self, our source of creativity, passion and joy.

My own experience of this phenomenon of being far from my true self came to me a couple of years ago. I noticed more and more that I didn’t feel either happy or sad, excited or bored. I just existed.

If I compare how I experience my day now versus a couple of years ago, it’s like night and day.

Today I enjoy the little things. For example, today I can get this feeling of joy just by seeing the sunrise through my window in the morning after waking up.

A couple of years ago, I wouldn’t even have looked out the window after waking up. I would have just rushed to the bathroom to start my day.

What is different now you may wonder? It’s the same type of morning, it’s the same bedroom, it’s the same family that is needing the same things in the morning before school etc.?

How to experience your day in such a completely different way.

The answer to experience your day differently is Self Awareness. Not some new self care tips that you’ve heard before? No. Self awareness!

How can you gain self awareness?  And why does self awareness matter when it comes to your balance in life, self care and overall well-being?

To gain self awareness is like an adventure. You may start off on a path and you walk the trail and you may think you know the direction of the path.

Then, after a while your feet are starting to get tired, maybe you ignore the feeling of being tired and just continue and get some huge blisters, or you realize you put the wrong shoes on to begin with.

AND THEN the question becomes – What do you do about this situation?

Some people would keep going until the end, and some people would change the shoes and take care of the blisters so that they can heal.

Gaining self awareness is like taking care of the blisters so that they can heal, and then put the right pair of comfortable shoes on and then continuing, happy and content.

This is a practical analogy, and not just a regular self care tip.  

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And if you think about it, self awareness is caring for the blisters of your inner world, so that your emotions can heal.

Emotions that may have been either put in the wrong shoes at some point, or just kept being ignored. By you.

Therefore, self awareness is the one thing you need to accelerate your self care.

And I mean the self care of your inner world, so that you can get out of the feeling of being spread too thin.

Workload is a relative thing. It’s a perception.

Have you ever thought of how some people can get so much done, and you felt you didn’t get anything done today?

By gaining self awareness you’ll be able to accelerate your self care both on your inside and on your outside to a completely new level.

Feeling stretched and spread too thin could be feelings that you no longer have to deal with.

Because you’ll know exactly what you need to feel balanced, fulfilled and happy.

So what is the one little thing that you need to start gaining self awareness?

I’ll tell you a secret.

You have to WANT it. You have to REALLY want it.

Because if you don’t want it, you’ll be back in the feeling of being spread too thin in a heartbeat.

It’s way too easy to talk yourself out of going into the land of truth, if you deep down don’t want to change.

Why might you not want to change? And keep feeling spread too thin?

The fear of being happy.

It may be hard to hear that you’re afraid of feeling happy, but the truth is that we all are having fear of being happy.

That’s why we complain all the time and find reasons to complain about others as well.

To accelerate self care is like practicing self-love and pure happiness. And if we’re fearful of being happy we put ourselves last on the to-do list, so that we can continue feeling we’re spread too thin.

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And the story goes on…

If you have run into fear on the way to happiness, you’re not alone. We are all running into fear every day.

But the question is – Have you run into self awareness yet?

If not, here are some tips on where to start.

One of the first questions I ask my clients that I coach is:

If you had no limits at all, what would you stop doing today that you know is draining your energy?

and then the heavy-hitter:

Why haven’t you stopped doing it yet?

The answer that the person is giving is either one of self awareness or one of blame.

How will you respond?

So are you ready to rely on these key self care tips and gain self awareness starting today?

Accelerate your self care so that you can step into your own happiness, balance in life and infinite well-being! 

Join my online program that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be. 


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