Better than Health App: Stick with Your Self-Care Goals

Why is it so hard to stick with your personal self-care goals and stay consistent week after week?

The answer to this question may be that we all subconsciously are looking for quick fixes, health apps, and other tools that promise immediate results. Just check out all the offers that are available on self-care out there that promise outrageous results. Keep reading and I will show you something better than a health app.

Humans are naturally wired to take the shortest path to reach their goal, but most of the time this approach is not providing the results we want.

How is it going with that daily meditation? That daily walk? That weekly yoga class?…….

You may say:

“A health app sounds like a great idea to keep me on track. Thanks that’s all I need, I’m all set!”

But many times the decision to go for the quick solution comes with disappointment.

When you set a life-changing goal your ambition is high at first, you feel the inspiration, and you know intellectually that this is the right thing to do for you, but after a while, you’re falling behind….

health app

You notice you are not getting to it as often as you want, something comes up, and BOOM! there is a reason to down-prioritize the morning meditation again, or that healthy well-prepared nutritious meal for the family over a less healthy choice.

You already know that self-care and balance in your life are necessary for your well-being and long-term health, but the accountability part may be the struggle when it comes to achieving long-term health.

Remember those New Year’s Resolutions? Are you beating yourself up for drifting away from the carefully selected practices that you committed to earlier in the year?

Don’t beat yourself up!

Beating yourself up for not sticking to what you have committed to is very common among busy multitasking women.

We want to appear that we have it ALL together, but the guilt we are feeling by beating ourselves up is not going to get us where we want to be.

If you are feeling that you are the only one who is not following through, you are not alone.

Usually, with any life change, we want to make, we feel like we are the only ones with this self-accountability issue. It’s common to feel even more alone because everyone else seems to have it all together. 

For example, if we look at social media many times it’s the joyful, carefree, and kept-together moments that are posted, NOT the moments when doubt or struggle is present.

Hear this!

No one has it 100% together all the time, but everyone can take small steps, one at a time, continuously.

I have fallen off the bandwagon many many times when trying to make a change for myself. Whether it’s making more time for exercising making more time to prepare healthy, nutritious dinners for my family, or setting a big life goal such as changing careers, I simply just sometimes fall off and lose track.

Sometimes I find myself so far away from my goal that I have to start all over, re-set my expectation,s or just pick up where I left off and go at it again.

I have found that the key is to establish realistic tangible goals that I can see happening for real before I even start.

You know what to do, you just need that extra motivational kick to keep going.

This is when I rely on what I call an ‘intention reminder’.

An intention reminder is a physical object that carries a promise greater than yourself.

An intention reminder connects directly with your soul through the intentions you have set for yourself and the deeper reason of why you set that goal in the first place.

Using a personal intention reminder instead of for example a health app is different from the usual ways of setting goals and keeping track.

An intention reminder speaks to your true higher self, not necessarily to a specific outcome.

It symbolizes your true desires and intentions which is different from a ‘New Year resolution’- (often an action-oriented goal with a specific outcome attached to it)

health app

With an intention reminder, you amplify your intentions, not your goals, and the exact steps to achieve them.

By detaching from the outcome you activate the key to manifestation. You allow an intention to freely develop into reality while keeping yourself reminded about the intention.

The first step to staying consistent and realizing permanent change is to acknowledge all the things that you already do.

It’s in the space of gratitude you can begin to stay on track to move forward and expand.

Give yourself credit for what you already DO, even if it’s not consistent. You can always choose again. You can choose to keep going in some way. Every day.

To remind me of my intentions, I use essential oils, bracelets, necklaces, crystals, and card decks to help me stay on track. They function as intention reminders. You may select other objects that mean something to you, an intention reminder is a personal choice.

I love bracelets as intention reminders. I wear one or many depending on the day.

The bracelets have been infused with my intentions and every morning when I put them on, they act as a reminder about the intentions I have set for myself.

One simple way to amplify the momentum of your desires is to infuse your intentions into your object of choice.

I’ll share with you the next two ways how I use an intention reminder instead of a health app to help keep me on track and stay consistent. You can try it too!

The connection to the physical object helps you shift your mind in an instant. This simple shift works anywhere you are! If you are an executive in an office or self-employed working from home, this works wherever you are!

Here we go!

1. Infuse a Crystal Bracelet with your Intention Today.

  • Buy natural stone beads of your choice and thread.
  • Meditate 10 minutes on your intentions and visualize your deepest desires as if they already happened.
  • Take a deep breath and open your eyes.
  • Hold the first bead in your hand, close your eyes, and say your intention “I welcome [insert your intention]”. Be specific with what you welcome into your life.
  • Repeat the same intention(s) for every bead you put on the thread.
  • You can have multiple intentions for one bracelet.
  • Put your new intention reminder bracelet on and wear it every day as a reminder of your intentions to keep you going every day.

2. Remind Yourself of Your Intention and Keep Yourself Motivated by Using an Essential Oil.

  • Essential oils are powerful gifts from nature that may benefit us both emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.
  • I use essential oils daily to support myself to stay on track.
  • I select the oil for the day based on how I want to feel.
  • For example, some oils promote positive, uplifting emotions, some oils are promoting to calm down a stressed mind, some oils are helpful to support feeling reassured in a new situation.
  • I diffuse an essential oil or apply it topically which helps to shift my mind back to how I want to feel and back to focusing on the present moment and what I’m doing right now.
  • By applying the oil I’m creating a link back to my intentions and higher self every time I use the oil.

Don’t know what intentions and goals you want to set for yourself?

Don’t worry about the health app, intuitive spiritual life coaching is a great way to uncover your true desires from your higher self, set realistic goals, and get powerful support to stay accountable for long-term permanent life change for you.

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