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Are you thinking about changing some of your life’s patterns into more supportive ones?  Do you find yourself not making any noticeable progress?  Don’t know if you can do it? The problem may be that you are just thinking about it, you keep playing around with it in your mind and not taking action. The […]

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CAN-DO Attitude! 3 Key Truths How to Kickstart It

how to release stress

Are you looking for a way how to release stress and pent up energy?  You know that feeling when you’ve been carrying around energy of stress for a while… It just needs to be released and then we can invite a more harmonious feeling. But sometimes that energy of harmony can feel so out of reach. Watch this […]

How to Release Stress and Invite Harmony


How to Release Stress and Invite Harmony

personal growth is the new way to succeed

What is success in today’s world? and Why is personal growth the new way to succeed? Are you also noticing that the definition of success is starting to change? For the longest time, success was measured by an impressive resume, a high salary, and excellent social skills, not inner personal growth. If you had all […]

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How to Take Aligned Action: Why Personal Growth is Key


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