How to Release Stress and Invite Harmony

Are you looking for a way how to release stress and pent up energy? 

You know that feeling when you’ve been carrying around energy of stress for a while…

It just needs to be released and then we can invite a more harmonious feeling.

But sometimes that energy of harmony can feel so out of reach.

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Experience the release of stress and invite harmony in a few minutes!

Join me to explore some of the reasons that may contribute to your stress, what is needed for a transition to a feeling of harmony.

Personally I experienced a lot of stress in my life over many many years, and it took a toll on my well-being.

In hindsight, I found that there were a few important things I didn’t have in my life at the time:

  • I didn’t have any boundaries especially at work. For example, I took on things that I didn’t want.
    • If you’re experiencing stress in your life, examine your boundaries and how possibly the lack of them is impacting you?

  • I wasn’t aware of my inner dialogue. My intuition was talking to me all the time, but I didn’t listen to the messages.
    • How can you slow down and listen to your inner dialogue?

  • I gave my energy away. This could show up in different ways, but most of the time I came home from work exhausted, and that fueled my level of stress on a daily basis.
    • How can you protect your energy?

  • I was people pleasing and for me that showed up in the way that I tried to align myself to other people’s agendas at the expense of my own truth.
    • How can you stop people pleasing?

If you’re recognizing one of many of the reasons for stress above in your own life, these are signs that your energy is imbalanced in some way.

Stress often sits in the lower part of the body, hips, lower back and lower belly.

Now let’s look at what so many are longing for, harmony in your life.

A feeling of belonging and KNOWING that you’re on the right track, knowing you’re living your life’s purpose.

So what the next level beyond stress is all about is to EXPERIENCE the Difference.

And what I mean with that is to experience yourself as part of the universal flow of energy. NOT separate from yourself, others or anything.

This is getting deep but if you’re someone who’s awakening to the concept of inner energy and working with the natural flow of energy in the universe, this may be really interesting to you because this is key.

First and foremost, it’s about to becoming your own authority within your own life, connecting with what’s right for you, NOT what’s been said or shown to you or told to you what you need and so on.

And this is something that takes effort and TRUST in yourself and the universe.

The energy we feel when we are in harmony with ourself and our environment often shows in our upper body heart and the throat area, 3rd eye, crown and beyond.

So how do you release the stress you feel into harmony?

One of the key questions you can dive into is: What makes you laugh, love and enjoy life?

This question right here is speaking to your solar plexus energy.

How well do you know what TRULY makes you love and enjoy life? And this question is for you only. Its a tricky question, because at first it may be that you know exactly, but then, why do I do this? I don’t really like this…and so on.

An additional tip is to ask yourself the question ” What would you do if you had a day off and no obligations?

Your answers to this should feel like the energy of the Sun, it makes you shine, it makes you naturally smile. It makes you feel relaxed, happy.

The energy of the sun makes you feel Creative and Abundant and so on.

If it doesn’t its not your truth. So keep digging for more answers until you find them.

How can you align more with what you LOVE and ENJOY?

What you answer should feel like a cup of your favorite replenishment!

So now, let me take you to the meditation, a deeper experience and an ENERGY BOOST through releasing stress and into harmony.

Next step is to access the BONUS meditation via this link if you’d like to experience this shift for yourself.


and live with
more ease & flow!


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