Decision-Making Made Easy Using Gratitude

Decision-making can be quite a process, and it can be frustrating…

…but there is a much faster and easier way to get to the right decision.

Your own truth.

Do you feel like your decision-making process in your life is just not going your way, and you wish it felt much less complicated? 

It may be that you haven’t tapped into your truth yet.

Your truth never goes away.

Your truth is already there, within you, no matter your current situation.

On the other hand, there are a lot of things that are true.

Things that are true, not just for you, but for a lot of people.

Here’s the thing...TRUE things may not be right for you.

Your TRUTH is always right for you.

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When making decisions you may rely on true statements to make up the decision.

For example, it’s true that if you work 75 hours a week you’ll earn more.

That’s true.

Or if you go for that other higher-paying job you put yourself in a better position financially.

Or if you break up with someone you’d be calling yourself single.

That’s also true.

But this is very different from accessing your TRUTH in the decision-making process.

Your truth is who you are.

Your truth is your essence and cannot be changed.

So many of us are using what’s true instead of our truth when we make decisions. Ultimately using your truth will never lead you down the wrong path.

Connect to your passion

For me, my truth has finally come forward and I make decisions based on my truth every day.

But for the longest time, I relied on what was true in relationships, at work, and elsewhere.

I tried to fit in and do what was expected, true to the situation and people around me.

I thought the answers were in what my parents had told me was right for me, what colleagues were doing to get ahead, or what successful people have done to get to where they were now.

If I only could do all of that, I’d be happy.

However, with all of that came decision-making that was not always easy.

Many times I felt anxious and worried about if I had made the right decision.

Should I go this way or that way, should I take that job or not, what if this happens, and so on…

It wasn’t until I accessed my truth that I felt something completely different.

I felt truly content and happy about my decisions.

Truth is happiness because it’s not a choice, there is no other way, it just is.

Your truth is your truth.

Because decisions that become truths are not decisions anymore. They are truths and there is this feeling of calm while the change is going on.

And the most important of all is…

The gratitude I feel towards my life and everyone in it is a newfound feeling which didn’t exist in the same way before.

It’s a deep gratitude knowing that every decision I make from now on is going to be a learning experience rather than a success or failure.

I think that’s why I love stories that tell the truth over what’s true. I can always learn something from stories that tell the truth. 

So how can you bring this concept of truth into the decision-making process of your life and make decisions so much easier (and at the same time feel awesome!)?

One way of accessing your truth is through gratitude.

Often our mind equates gratitude with saying thanks. Saying thanks and being thankful for external things that happen in life.

It may be such as landing that new job, or getting gifts on your birthday from your best friends, is definitely a great start, but gratitude is so much more than that.

Gratitude is a deep belief in your truth and everyone else’s truth. Gratitude can bring you to that connectedness with the answer that you know is right.

That inner knowing.

If you’re curious how you can start to practice gratitude that speaks your truth, check out the simple steps below:

1) Feel gratitude for how you got to this point.

All of us have gone through both good and bad situations and experiences in our lives.

Often we’re not so grateful for the bad times, the hardships we’ve experienced. It could be being laid off at work, losing a loved one, or living in a relationship with someone that hurt us.

The path to your truth starts with feeling grateful for ALL of what’s happened in your life to this point.

You may think “It’s not ever going to be possible to feel grateful for all the bad things that have happened!”.

I’d challenge you to look at those situations that you’re resisting the most to feel grateful for.

Join me in a quick exercise:

1) Pick one or two of the most challenging situations/experiences you’ve had and ask yourself.

2) “In hindsight, what did I learn from that experience?” What was life trying to tell you?

3) Write down what comes up. No edits, just what you learned and any life lessons you experienced as a result of that challenging situation.

Now you’re ready to go to the next step.

2) Feel gratitude for you today.

Today is your real life.

The past is in the past even if it feels like yesterday. That’s why it’s so important to make decisions based on today and not the past.

If you have a big decision to make today, let’s base it on today.

Here is a gratitude exercise that brings out what’s :

  1. Bring out a piece of paper and a pen. Writing this down is making it real.
  2. Write down 10 people you are grateful for having in your life.
  3. Write down a sentence about each person, and why you are grateful for them.
  4. Look at the sentences.
  5. The sentences that you wrote down are exactly what you are grateful for about YOURSELF today.
Bring back the feelings that make you feel like you

Understandably, this may not make sense to you, but our relationships are a reflection of ourselves.

Everything you’re grateful for in others you have in you as well.

But, how is this related to decision-making?

Your decisions are directed by how you feel about yourself.

For example, if you’re not trusting yourself and your ability to make decisions, the likelihood of making the right decision for you is limited.

3) Make a tuned-in decision based on your truth.

By increasing the ability to feel gratitude for yourself and your life you are accessing your truth.

Now it’s time to make the decision.

The most important step here is to not make decisions on the fly, on the go, or while you’re multitasking.

Instead, you’re going to arrive at your truth using your intuition. Your intuition is flowing freely in a centered state.

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You can access your intuition in 2-3 minutes, you don’t have to meditate for hours to get tuned in.

Next, accessing your intuition can be as easy as these simple steps below:

  • Sit down somewhere comfortable with your feet on the ground.
  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose.
  • Notice all the thoughts that are swirling around inside your head.
  • Take another deep inhale through your nose, hold it for 2 seconds, and then exhale all of that through your mouth.
  • Notice how you feel and bring to your mind the situation where you need to make a decision.
  • Keep your eyes closed and ask your higher self: what’s the right decision?
  • Listen to the answer, write it down right away, no edits. It may not make sense right away, but it’s the answer. Trust it!
  • If you feel torn or don’t like what you wrote down, you likely tried to make it into an answer, you tried too hard. Your truth is always going to make you feel good.
  • Surrender and Repeat.
Decision making made easy (2)

In summary, increase the feeling of gratitude and trust in yourself and your own ability to make decisions using your intuition with these guiding steps:

  1. Feel gratitude for how you got to this point.
  2. Feel gratitude for you today.
  3. Make a tuned-in decision based on your truth.

When you do so, you’re going to be arriving at the decision that is right for you much faster.

So let’s make decisions in a different way moving forward!

Lastly, start with noticing if your story, when it comes to your decision-making process, has been your truth or if you’ve based your decisions on what’s true.

How can you tune in and increase the gratitude you feel for yourself and your life today? (And the decision is easy!)


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