Making Big Life Decisions? Tap Into Your Unlimited Choices

Are you in the process of making big life decisions?

Are you feeling stuck in one place not knowing what to do? Do you have big life decisions ahead of you right now?

I’ll show you here how to feel like you have unlimited choices.

This may feel like an unimaginable stretch from where you are right now.

The benefit of coaching is that it’s a safe space to open up your entire view of what’s possible not just in one area of your life, but in your entire life.

life decisions

The support of a coach may be what it takes for you to make a mental leap into expanding your perspective into your wildest dreams!

I personally found myself in a situation where my long-time career path didn’t serve my deepest motivation and desires anymore.

So what did I do?

I felt stuck. And I waited, and waited and waited…

Once I gained clarity through coaching I accessed my true feelings and courage and I discovered the wide-open feeling that I have unlimited choices.

It became SO clear to me that I have never looked back since.

Thanks to my certified professional coach who is trained in the coaching process.

Now, I’m living my life with more conviction, joy and passion for what I do, and every day I’m living my purpose.

Watch to Ulrika’s interview on The Dr Pat Show “Working with Energy Instead of Goals”

Sometimes it’s more comfortable to stay where you are, to follow long lived expectations that either you or others have on you, than open up to the opportunity to start a new chapter that is closer aligned with who you are growing into.

Are you ready to shine light on what your unlimited choices are?

How about getting rid of the tunnel vision of fear that makes you feel stuck?


So, what I learned about how big life decisions is that they can become SO clear in an instant!

The secret is to look at a decision in a 360º way before making the decision.

AND at the same time inviting your intuition to be part of the process.

Many times we have tunnel vision when we make a big decision without knowing it. We make the decision from a place of fear, rationalization and assumptions.

Here is how to make big life decisions by tapping into your unlimited choices:


The first things you want to visit are your true motivations for change.

One way of finding this out is to ask yourself:

“What is the absolute worst thing that could happen if I make this life decision?”

Write down at least three things.

Watch carefully your answers to this question. It will reveal the deepest beliefs that you carry around about your situation.

If your answers to these questions are filled with a sense of tunnel vision, limitation, and fear, you are likely not tapping into your unlimited choices.

Reflect on your answers and look at them again.

Where in your answers do think fear is involved?

Where in your answers are you making an assumption (that may or may not happen)?

Is there another way of looking at it?

The next series of questions will help you look at your situation from a 360º perspective – take time to answer the following questions carefully:

If you didn’t make this decision in your life if you just stayed the same, what would happen?

Then, on the other hand:

What if you did make this life decision and went for it, what would happen?

life decisions

In thinking about today:

How is your current situation supporting you?

What would be the reason to keep it the way it is?

What will you have to face to make the change you want?

The good news is that you can rewrite your answer to the initial worst-case scenario question and eliminate all the reasons for not making the change you want if you are willing to look at it differently.

Now look at your answers to the questions above.

What do you see now?

Next, take into account other ways for input to your decision other than your logic (which is often driven by your ego).

This will help you access the unlimited part of making a big decision.

Do you feel that you need a well-planned out plan to make a life decision?

I am sorry to say that a well-thought-through plan may feel good to have, and it will support your desire for control and make us look for more answers, but it’s not going to help you make the RIGHT decision.

The planning overload we often do is the ego telling us that we need to be MORE ready before we make THE decision.

And that’s when we get stuck in the planning mode forever instead of just going for it and choosing again if it doesn’t work out.

Have you ever made life decisions in the moment because it just felt right?

In-the-moment action and decision making is done through your intuition. The answer comes to you, you don’t have to find it.

It’s an inner knowing of when a decision (small or big) is right, it is your true self in action.

Simply, if your gut feeling is to go for it – DO IT!

But, if you still feel that the decision is too big to make, use the powerful practice of choosing again.

If the decision feels too big to make right now, it IS too big to make.

You can always choose again. Every day. One life decision away.

Eventually, you will be ready and then it will feel like a no-brainer. You have every possibility available to choose from again!

Trust that you are right where you need to be in your life right now.

Letting go of the outcome that it has to be a certain way is one of the most freeing thing you can practice, and maybe you learned something about yourself and the situation by reading this post.

life decisions

So, bottom line – when you feel overwhelmed and stuck while trying to make a decision, access your unlimited choices by:

  • inviting the 360º way to look at your situation.
  • identifying what part of your answers are driven by fear.
  • inviting your intuition to support you with answers from your true self.

Then, based on that, MAKE THE DECISION and move forward. You can ALWAYS choose again!

How can you look at your life decisions differently?



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