How to Discover Your Spiritual Dimension

This week my guest is Susan Jane. She’s the host of the podcast The Voice of Intuition. Susan has been helping others to understand intuition for over 40 years.

In this episode, we talk about how to discover your spiritual dimension. (watch on YouTube)

The below text is an excerpt from the interview with Susan Jane.

Susan describes intuition as the communication between that spiritual side of us and the physical side of us because when spirit comes into our physical body, they need to be able to communicate.

How do you know that you’re getting a message from the spiritual dimension?

For example, if you were getting a message from your mother who had passed, and you were getting a message from your father who had passed, you would know the difference because the messages from your father will come through like your father.

Similarly, messages from your mother will come through like your mother. But when you’re getting messages from your soul, they’re not attached to anything else. And that’s how you know that they’re your messages rather than like psychic messages or clairvoyant messages.

Trusting your intuition is all about making those good decisions in your life.

If you’re getting that information or the understanding by your intuitive guide, your soul’s guide, then you’re going to make decisions that are relevant to you.

We’re talking about your Spirit’s purpose here, not your physical body’s purpose. Now the physical body’s purpose is to support the spirit and go that way.

When you think about it spirit doesn’t have touch or taste, they don’t have the five senses that the physical body does. And this physical body has gone through all the DNA and everything else going through years and years, and years and years collecting that DNA experience.

Your physical body has got all that understanding and wisdom.

And your soul has been through other bodies. How many times? I don’t know about being through lots of other bodies.

When it comes to our lives here and now. As an example, cars nowadays they can even park themselves. So they can take me from point A to point B. I want to go from Melbourne to Sydney and it can take you whichever way they want to.

The body is taking you to where you want to be. Your physical body says to you, do you want to go the quickest way? Or do you want to go to scenic route?

And the body will take you there.

We have free will, the physical body has free will to take the route you want on the physical plane.

And we make decisions all day, every day, there are all those little micro-decisions that we just automatically make.

They’re fine.

But when it comes to those big decisions, that’s when we really gotta trust our guts as our intuition is linked to our spiritual dimension.

That’s when we really got to trust our soul and where we’re going with it because that’s the importance of listening to your intuition.

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