Embodying What You Have Learned to Become Whole

Welcome! When we are embodying what we’ve learned to become whole it becomes how we live authentically. This is so important and we need to go deep and dive deep into it!

Because we often want to learn and Learn and LEARN instead of integrating and embodying what we’ve learned.

I am someone who wants to learn new things all the time. It’s a common pattern to pick up the next spiritual accessory that we believe is important to have, learn the next ritual to learn, and perform that next book and the next course.

And that’s great. There’s nothing wrong with learning at all. I have a full bookshelf of books, it is a natural thing as a lifelong learner to want to learn more.

Learning is where it’s often where it stops for many, the constant flow of inputs can be overwhelming.

We often stop with learning a new thing, because when it comes to our transformation in a spiritual sense, there’s so much information out there.

When we keep our learning to learning, it stays in our heads. It stays in our minds.

And unless we apply what we have learned, even if it means that we have to take a step back and slow down, which can sometimes feel; like “I’m not in the forefront of what all spiritual people do or say or know”.

This episode is an opportunity for you to contemplate how much have you learned in the past year or two versus how much have you applied and embodied what I’ve learned.

Have I embodied what I’ve learned? How much have I applied?

How much have I let it integrate into my day-to-day life?

And I’m not here to make you be put on the spot or anything, but it’s something that has to do with how we become whole, how we feel balance in our lives.

And if we are a one-sided in a way, keep learning and taking in new information and not applying or embodying it, that’s going to ultimately result in resistance, frustration, and sometimes loneliness.

Now, here we’re bringing in an opportunity to embody things.

Now, not later in the future when we’ve learned more, but now today, and become the person we want to become.

So this is so important.

Think about bringing in a vision of yourself, and what this means for you. How do you tap into your wisdom already today?

How do you embody who you are, who you are, and who you want to be because of repetition? With repetition, when we go back, sit back, let it integrate, or go back to what we’ve learned.

It is when our inner voice, our intuition, and our inner knowing are in concert with our body consciousness we have a connection to becoming versus keeping it as a thought in our mind.

When our body consciousness is aligned with what our intuition is telling us, we embody to become whole.

In that space, there’s no doubt anymore about who we are and how we express ourselves. And there’s alignment between our inner expression and our outer expression.

There is no resistance between the two people to see who you are and you show who you are. That’s the inner-outer perspective, that transparency again.

Now it’s also a embodying is also about being very clear on what our reality is today. See a path to who you want to become. If we are living in an illusion, for example, that’s not as easy to embody our true self that way.

So where do you start to embody to become whole? It is to start taking action from yourself, from your heart and what works for you.

It may be a feeling that you want to express that you have been tapping into for a long time. But take it to the next step it could be that you let your body express it.

Maybe it is through dance (which I love), because it is not enough with a thought. You don’t tap into your wisdom if you keep thinking about it, you have to become it.

I love embodiment through dance because it puts our minds a little bit to the side. We tap into our body consciousness when we dance. We become one with the music and whatever we want to become and bring in as an intention.

When you embody through dance you integrate your mental and emotional experience.

It’s just one method. It’s how you can integrate what you want to become. I highly recommend putting out your favorite tune that you have not danced to in a long, long time. Bring it on turn up the volume and go for it!

Now, if you want to get more inspiration, I recommend you to go to my previous episode. How to Trust your Body’s Wisdom (scroll down to the bottom of the page when you get there).

And if you want to dive into this topic further, I explore Embodyment in chapter 15 of my book. Wisdom Beyond What You Know: How to Shift from Being Driven by the Mind, to Living from the Heart and Intuition.

So head over there, and you can also download a free chapter from my book on my website Thank you for being here. Thank you to those who are with me every week, listening to the New Light Living podcast.

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