Embracing Your Family’s Intuitive Gifts

New Light Living podcast episode: My guest Michelle Henderson knew from a young age that she had intuitive gifts. Not until a few years ago she decided it was time to step into her true self and acknowledge to the world that she is a psychic medium.

Embrace Your Family's Intuitive Gifts

Now, her mission is to help support and train parents to embrace and enhance their psychic child’s abilities.

Michelle Henderson is a the author of Spiritual Nurturing for Intuitive Children. She is training parents to embrace and enhance their psychic child’s abilities.

In this episode she is going to share her own journey, but also give us powerful tips on how to embrace our families intuitive gifts. 

Michelle has had great benefit from yoga and meditation. It helped her to get to know herself better and most importantly it helped her to slow down her mind to fully connect with Spirit.

In addition, what has helped her in her work as a psychic medium to always have the focus of helping others to heal and help others to piece together the bigger picture about themselves.

Lastly, do you want to start embracing your own or your family’s intuitive gifts? Make sure you find people who are of the same mindset as you.

If you’d like to learn more about Michelle’s work visit Michelle Henderson’s website 

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