Path to Emotional Self Empowerment

This New Light Living podcast episode with my guest Gloria Battini, Emotional Wellness Coach is for all the women out there who want to take their power back. She is sharing her inspirational story and best tools on the path to emotional self empowerment.

Moreover, Gloria herself is a survivor of long term emotional abuse. Now she is coaching, teaching and helping others see the light of what is possible in their situation.

In this episode we talk about how important it is to be able to identify when we have given our power away, and also what some of the first steps are to start taking our power back.

Gloria is such a light and I love her enthusiasm and genuine generosity in sharing her experience and expertise.

Firstly, she is sharing her powerful story how she stepped out of emotional abuse into self empowerment. An inspiration for anyone who are in a situation where you feel confusion and lack of empowerment.

Gloria shares her view on truth and the awakening of a massive self empowerment movement that we see in society right now. She is part of teaching and empowering other women to seek their own self empowerment.

Lastly, one of the most powerful ways in her path to self empowerment she found was the step where she started to dedicate specific time to herself. It was intentionally focusing on something that she felt was ONLY for her.

Finally that led to expansion of her self love. Learn more – listen or watch the full episode – click above.

You can find Gloria on social media @gloriabattini and on her website!

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