What is Inner Energy Awareness?

Are you aware of and how you show up energetically? Want to learn more about Energy Awareness and how you can become aware of your energy? When you become energy-aware you can align with more harmony and balance.

Inner and outer energy balance is key to feeling better.

What is your inner energy? How can you become aware of your own inner energy?

Our awareness of our inner energy is becoming more important because we are part of one universe which is made up of energy. And we are interacting with the universe as energetic beings.

How does your energy impact you on a daily basis?

There is a growing understanding of the experience of how we run energy individually. In addition, the awareness and realization that we are in charge of our energy at all times.

When we are in charge of our inner energy we are starting to be able to direct energy towards what we want to create.

If you think about it, everyone has a unique energy imprint which is manifested as our unique talents and gifts (but also our challenges and lessons we want to learn in this life).

This is our essence. And many of us are not aware of our own essence.

One way to learn more about your energy imprint and increase your energy awareness is to get an astrology chart. An astrology chart of your birth moment (also called a natal chart) is unique only to you.

Astrology is a beautiful tool to increase our energy awareness and learn about what we need to align with harmony and balance.

If you are curious about becoming energy-aware astrology is a great way to learn more about what makes you unique.

Energy awareness is to become aware of your unique energy imprint.

Next, another way to become energy aware is to become aware of how nature, colors, and music impacts your harmony. Frequencies of sound and music have the capability to impact your energy vibration, so you can intentionally raise your energy vibration that way.

In addition, nature is a powerful teacher to energy awareness. Nature is always in harmony and by spending time in nature we can get back to harmony if we have given our energy away during a stressful day.

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