Going from Feeling Worthless to Worthy

My guest in this episode is Susan Burrell is an intuitive healer, spiritual guide and an author. She is passionate about supporting women in their inner growth toward finding their true empowerment. When you are going from feeling worthless to worthy it’s a journey of self empowerment and courage.

A great way to start inviting what you want in life and to boost that feeling of self-worth is to know how your own natural energy works.

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Now on to this powerful episode with Susan!

It’s key to see our own truth to truly know our worth and respect ourselves.

What I love about this conversation is how Susan story of her own realization of self-love opened her up to attract exactly what she wanted in her life.

In addition, moving from worthless to worthy for Susan was supported by powerful affirmations that helps reprogram her inner environment and focus to a more positive energy.

You can do it too! In this episode she gives you examples of how. Listen to the episode here.

Moreover, peace of mind and calm is already within us, and to become the conduit for higher consciousness to flow through us is key to going from feeling worthless to worthy.

One recommendation Susan is making is to clear our energy from inside out through energy work and connect with your heart energy.

What does it mean to connect with your heart energy?

Well, for example take the affirmation “I am enough” and feel into what those words mean to you.

Lastly, if you want support to go from feeling worthless to worthy, Susan is it! You can find Susan on her website

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