How to Get Unstuck in Life and Move On

Do you feel you’re STILL keep repeating the pattern’s that are holding you back? Is it time to get unstuck in life and move on, right?

This post includes a simple process of 10 questions that you can go through and be on your way to what’s next for you!

Yes, please I want to download the worksheet with the remaining seven questions.

You probably recognize the feeling of resistance or hesitation around an issue or situation in your life?

If you feel stuck in life it’s very comfortable, but it’s not leading anywhere.

And what this feeling is also doing to you is that it’s making you have tunnel vision and only seeing one week at a time.

No more pushing things into the future!

So I invite you to instead take a birds eye view of your life today. Watch your life “from above” for a moment.

When you’re taking a birds eye view you bring our energy up to a higher frequency, where you are not feeling that tunnel vision or resistance.

Next, I want you to ask yourself: “Where is it in your life that you’re not having your full inner commitment?

There are three things that hold you back from making that commitment to ourselves to move on are:

  • Uncertainty
  • Fear of Change
  • Lack of clarity of what the change actually would be.

Here’s something you may not want to hear.

Until you make a commitment to yourself, you’re going to continue to hide behind all the reasons you have come up with so far not to move on.

How do you get unstuck in life?

So for simplicity sake, let’s say you ARE making a commitment to yourself today to get unstuck in life.

And by doing so you create more sense of certainty, embracing realistic change and gain clarity for yourself.

Where do you start?

Next, I’m walking you through the first 3 key questions (out of the 10 questions) on how to get unstuck and move on in life next.

Then if you feel you want to continue with the remaining 7 questions, go download that free worksheet and continue the path to moving on.

Get started today, get unstuck NOW!

Once you go through these questions you actually can see a way forward. TODAY!

Are you ready?

1. Describe the issue you feel stuck on

This can be really difficult, and I want you to actually write it down, because we toss around thoughts in our brain and they don’t become real, but when we write it down they become something else.

Thoughts on a paper are suddenly becoming actionable.

Secondly, I recommending not involve others in the answer. Just write about what it is within YOU that you’re stuck on.

2. What is the cost to You to stay with where you are today?

With this question I mean that you’re sacrificing something in your life by not moving on and that is costing you something.

Moreover, is it your happiness? Maybe it’s your creativity or inspiration that you’re sacrificing. Is it your motivation?

What is it that you’re not receiving by staying in the comfort zone?

3. What would happen if you did the change?

So here it’s again the impact on your life you’d want to start with. Keep it to you first, not how it would impact others.

Respectfully, I totally acknowledge that some decisions involve others, but if you’re not clear on what the opportunity means for YOU, you’re not going to commit to move on in any case.

Now, do you want to know the 7 additional questions in this process?

Get them by downloading the free worksheet and continue towards seeing more clearly what it would mean to move on. The link is below in the show notes.

So with this simple process let’s get unstuck and MOVE ON right away.


and live with
more ease & flow!


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