How to Listen to Your Intuition

In this podcast episode you’ll learn more about how to listen to your intuition. You’ll get three actionable, realistic steps how you can start tapping into and listening to your own intuition.

One of the things that I help others with is to expand their perspective on what’s possible for them. One of the first steps is to increase our trust in what our soul already know. Primarily it’s about what our body already knows, what our intuition is telling us through our body, because there is so much wisdom within you already.

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How do you listen to your intuition?

Often, we often consult the external world first for answers before we go into ourselves to find out what is the right direction. In this episode, we talk about how to increase trust in your inner knowing because the times we’re living require us to go within and trust what we already know and what our soul is telling us is right for us.

And you may say, “I don’t really listen to my intuition”.

“I know that I have an inner compass, something that sometimes tells me what is right and wrong or what isn’t right for me. Sometimes I listen to it and sometimes I don’t”, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

How can we increase this trust by listening to our own wisdom?

Because all too often, we ignore what is right for us, where our life is taking us. If we don’t want to go down that route logically, it might be the absolutely right direction.

The problem often is that we don’t want to see the big picture or expand a perspective that we’ve had for a long time.

When we are trusting the direction that is for you your soul already knows.

When we live a life driven by the mind, we don’t have to connect and listen to those sparks of inspiration or our inner voice to take a step out of the ordinary. But when our inner voice is facilitated by our, our intuition gets a word, the mind game is over and we start to listen from within.

These intuitive hits that we get, that we so often ignore is a millisecond impulse.

Sometimes it’s a sign that we notice or a feeling or a memory that comes into our, our consciousness and in those situations. And so often we ignore them because we’re wrapped up in something external that we want to, that we’ve planned for, or we have expectations around and we ignore that intuitive hit.

So how do, how are you listening to your intuition today? Take a moment here to find the answer to that.

And it’s okay if you come to the answer of, I don’t really listen to my intuition and that’s why you’re here. That’s why you’re listening to this episode, because there is something within you that is awakening. Perhaps tha you want to have this expanded perception and ability connected back up again.

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When we are younger, as a child, for example, we are very intuitive. We’re one with our environment, one with our intuition, one with our body. And it is really to come back to that state. We can do that with intentional inner work in the sense that we have to be willing to connect back with those impulses, those intuitive hits.

And when we start to listen to the intuitive hits, we can connect in this way every day. In our daily life, there are signs and synchronicities and intuitive hits presented to you that you can choose to listen to take in or not.

Why does it matter to start listening and expanding this ability that you already have to listen to your intuition?

I mentioned earlier that the times we’re living in are going to require us to go within and go to our inner knowing so that we can be led from within, instead of from the outside. It’s about self-empowerment.

Because for so long, we have looked for the answers outside of us. And now we’re encouraged to come within and learn more about our inner world and the richness that exists within us.

Every single one of us have an inner wisdom to tap into.

And why this really matters is that intuitively we know what is right for us. “That makes me doubt myself because I don’t have what that other person has at this moment” you may think. Ignoring our intuition makes us want something in the outside world that looks great but sometimes may not be right for us.

“That’s what I want” you may say but it may not be a good fit for you deep down. So it is about opening up to listen to what is right for us.

And without that external involvement and what it leads to is less self-doubt, less questioning of our decisions. Also, we simply sense what we already know when we listen to our intuition and honor that intuitive hits in our daily life. example.

So many times we ignore the signals. For example, “No, I’m going to continue working for another hour because that’s my workday”. And that’s an expectation that we’ve put on ourselves or somebody else put that expectation on ourselves.

When our intuition, our soul is telling us, no, take a break and go outside. Get some sun, connect to a tree outside and come back and balance within our energy.

Those are simple, intuitive hits that can happen every time. It doesn’t have to be something earth-shattering like a major life decision we’re talking about here.

It’s about daily listening within and clicked clicking with what we already know is right for us. What it leads to is this greater sense of inner peace that provides a sensation of I’m good.

All is well.

Get my 7-Step Guide to Listen to Your Intuition

So if you have a very loud inner critic that is telling you “I can’t do this because I’m not smart enough”. Or “I can’t do this because I don’t have the degree”. Another one is “I can’t do this because I ha I don’t have the experience”. If that sounds like you, read on.

When we connect with our own intuition and strengthen that trust in what we hear and what we sense,

We can quiet that ego which is our inner critic to instead be replaced by a feeling of expansion. And so the sense of expansion possibility becomes overwhelmingly present as we tune into our inner voice.

So I promised you’re going to get some tips here in this episode on how to start tuning into and listen to your intuition.

  1. The first step is to slow down and what that means for you.

And it means something different to everyone, but where in your life are you not slowing down? Is it with your thoughts? Maybe you always have to be occupied with something? Or is it that you are overbooked in your schedule? Is it that you always are thinking about the future? All of those things are examples of where we get an opportunity to slow down and be in the present moment.

So how can you slow down within your life? It may take just a little brainstorming. Ways to create some more space to slow down in life?

2. Second, it takes the willingness to slow down, but also to be willing to learn something about yourself.

3. Lastly, tuning into what inspires you and what is like that creative energy that is going to lead you down the path of being more and more willing to listen.

What comes from within is key. Our intuition is of the same energy as inspiration and creativity. That’s a place to take action from.

And your intuition will not lead you down the wrong path.

Isn’t that amazing.

That’s linked into your inner peace, knowing that your soul already knows what’s right for you.

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