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How to Manifest What You Want in 2021: Don’t Make These Mistakes!

When was the last time you said “I’m living my dream life!”?

Instead, you may have heard yourself say… “Oh, one day I’ll live my dream life”. Wondering how to manifest what you want?

The difference is in that “one day” statement. We all carry around a vision of what our ideal dream day could look like,  but often we don’t allow this vision to step forward and become a daily meditation so that it actually can happen.

The more we think about our ideal day as something in the future, the less it happens today.

The funny thing is that we could all realize our dreams faster than we think, if we didn’t make mistakes that limit us from manifesting what we want.

I’d love to shine some light on manifestation because it’s more about the limiting beliefs about manifestation itself, than about what we actually do when we’re trying so hard to manifest.

Watch this video:

People often say to me that as a spiritual life coach I give off this calm, go-with-the-flow energy, but to be totally transparent I’ve always had this inner urge to move on and not stop.

I enjoy learning new things and expanding my perspective. My inner motivator is learning. I LOVE to learn, progress, and evolve and that’s great, but sometimes it can be a burden too.

It’s really hard for me to sit down and enjoy what I have just the way it is, and allow things to happen rather than being the one that’s always a step ahead, wanting to improve things all the time.

This can get pretty frustrating.

You can probably relate to many of these qualities since you’re here, and if you have ever tried to figure out how to manifest what you want, you probably also have felt this frustration or inner tension.

The problem is that for something to manifest you can’t have inner tension. Manifestation happens when you’re in alignment, in flow, with a sense of calm and ease, but with the sense of endless energy and effortless momentum behind it.

It’s a totally different feeling than inner frustration.

When you step out of the funk of frustration and into the flow of alignment you open up for manifestation to happen.

The energy of manifestation is about surrender, acceptance, presence, gratitude and trust.

All of the above is easier said than done. A lot of mistakes are made along the way that get in the way of the energy of manifestation. You’re feeling that frustration and it slows the process down.

I’d love to share some of the mistakes I have made, so that you can have a faster path to knowing how to manifest what you want. So here we go.

4 Common Mistakes When Manifesting What You Want:

1. Not believing in what you’re trying to manifest.

  • We’re hitting a very deep aspect of manifesting with this first mistake. So many times I have idealized something that I want, but when it comes to actually going for it. I didn’t believe that it could happen to me. I believed that I truly wanted it, but deep down I didn’t believe I could have it.
  • So what should you do when this happens? The hard work to get to know that inner critic that says that we are not good enough to have what we want is essential . A certified coach knows how to get you through that. As a result, you increase trust, allow yourself to dream unbounded, beyond your wildest dreams, and you can start to believe again.


2. Setting goals and developing a detailed plan. 

  • Yes goals are great, but the problem is the detailed plan. Why? Because we think we know the answers, but we don’t. The logical mind is only operating on what we already know and have experienced. Beyond that is the endless possibilities that we haven’t experienced yet. Those possibilities also needs to be taken into account, but they are not going to be part of the plan that you develop, because you haven’t imagined them yet.
  • Instead, develop a practice of setting intentions and releasing them to the universe to organize the solution and the path to get there for you.
  • Manifestation happens through belief, guidance from the universe, and consistency in reminding yourself of your intention.
  • I use an Intention Reminders bracelet to remind myself of my intentions.


3. Pushing to make it happen now.

  • All of us who are driven and ambitious want things to happen yesterday. I am personally one of those, but with my practice and awareness I’m turning over the timing of things to the universe more and more. I believe now that things happen at the time they are supposed to and I just need to sit back and relax.
  • When we want things so bad, that causes tension, frustration and worry. Manifestation does not happen when we’re frustrated and worried, so it’s just slowing down the process.
  • Instead, practice acceptance that whatever you want is going to happen on divine time not your time – you are right where you need to be- trust this!


4. Comparing yourself to others.

  • Comparison is a major stressor and is often the reason for pushing and wanting something that we don’t have. Remember, you are perfect just the way you are, and you are only getting what you’re ready for, trust that!
  • The truth is that you’re unique with unique talents and gifts, so therefore your path is going to be unique and what you want and need is also unique. That’s a whole lot of uniqueness right there! So WHY compare yourself to someone else?
  • The challenge is to trust ourselves and the universe and to believe that we are totally taken care of. It may not always feel like we’re taken care of, but the experience of rough times and good times together makes up our lives.

I know you have dreams, I know you know how manifest what you want by avoiding the mistakes I have outlined here.

So where do you start if you’d like to manifest that dream of yours?

The first step is to start today, don’t leave it for tomorrow, just start. The universe is open for business all the time so you don’t have to wait.

The only limit is you.

So if you’re hesitating, if you don’t truly believe in that you can have ANYTHING you want. Get working to increase your trust and your intuition, and the rest will follow.

So let’s get started:

Write down ONE thing that you’d like to manifest in the next 90 days.

Set the intention to welcome this into your life today.

Truly believe it and let it go.

How can you manifest what you want?

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