Key to Manifesting: How to Get Into Energetic Alignment

We’re going to talk the key to manifesting manifesting today! It’s important to know the energetic difference between manifesting and pushing things into form because manifesting is a hot topic.

If you’re in the beginning of your spiritual journey, it’s very easy to start focusing on manifesting where in fact there’s a lot of other things that needs to align and a genetically before manifestation happens.

So in today’s episode, I’d like to clear up some key things about manifesting so that you can know the difference when you are pushing something into form versus manifesting something.

Manifesting itself is actually something that is a result out of energy alignment, we can manifest supportive things that are really supporting us, or we can manifest not so supportive things.

And the key to manifesting is that it’s all about our inner energy.

So, and when we’re pushing, as opposed to manifesting, we often have a very limited perspective of what’s possible. So first of all, a question is when and how does a manifestation start? Because that’s a question that often comes up. Like, I want to manifest this. I want to manifest that. How do I do it?

The truth of the matter is that there’s a lot of alignment within yourself that needs to happen first before it even comes into physical form.

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And how we manifest is really by setting an intention, an intention is something that you want to welcome into your life, as opposed to goals, goals are different goals.

Come with a defined path on how to get there. Often. How many of you have had a, you know, vision in your, your head that, oh, first I’m going to go do this and then that, and then those, and then that, and then I’ll get this at the end of the day, that’s setting a goal and walking each step towards that goal.

Manifestation is based on intentions.

And that’s a seed of inspiration of creative, creative inspiration that you want to welcome into your life. But here’s the difference the path to get there is up to the universe, organized for you and for you to notice the signposts.

And last week’s episode, we talked about signs and synchronicities, and that’s what we’re using in manifestation many times amongst other things, because there is no form that a manifestation has to come into.

It will come into the form that is aligned with your energy. Does that makes sense? So when we manifest, it’s a result of our own inner alignment of energy.

So today I’m going to give you some keys to manifestation and what needs to take place within you to manifest rather than the very often what we do is to push ourselves forward into a outcome that we may want.

This is a major energy shift within yourself. Manifestation is an effortless process.

Once we are in energetic alignment with ourselves we can start manifest effortlessly.

I’m giving you three keys today that may help you on your path to manifest what you want to welcome into your life.

The first key here, a tip is that manifesting is a receiving energy. When we are in center with ourselves, when we are in a receiving mode, as opposed to pushing, which is very much an outward giving, pushing energy to make your way forward your way.

We cannot manifest unless we allow ourself to rest, pause and recharge because isn’t it. So that often comes when we don’t expect it.

When we have taken a pause, when we have gotten off the hook on with ourselves on something, then all of a sudden it just happens.

We meet the right person or the new job comes right in front of us getting suggested to us, whatever it is, but that is the point with manifestation.

It’s a receiving energy.

So once you are in a receiving mode, that’s when manifestation can happen. Not when you are in a pushing outward action mode.

The second key to manifestation is you manifest when you believe in yourself.

As opposed to pushing or holding back, pushing can sometimes be something that we want, but we don’t believe that we the serve it. And that’s where, what we have to do to, we have to strive. We have to push, we have to be in the forefront of what we can do, but that’s not.

When we manifest, it’s when we are believing fully that what we want to welcome into our life can happen for us. And once we fully believe in ourselves and what we want to welcome into our life, it happens.

It’s an energy alignment within ourselves that needs to happen first. Because if you are holding back, you’re not going to take that full expression to go outside your comfort zone.

Without an energy alignment with what you want to welcome into your life it’s an energy of not yet.

If you are fully believing that you can have it, which is a YES to the universe!

The third key to manifesting is the energy of gratitude. You manifest when you are in an energy of gratitude.

Gratitude is a centering inward stabilizing energy versus the energy of lack, because when we are pushing ourselves forward in life because we have a sense that we don’t have enough.

There’s a sense of lack in some area of our life. So we have to push so hard to get it.

When we are in the energy of gratitude, we are that inner calm, that inner self and stable energy about ourselves.

The lack energy can be the sense of seeking, always seeking something new, whether it’s the learning or the new thing, or the just seeking something that we don’t feel we have.

And it’s the energy of not enough. So when we put ourselves and really tap into the energy of gratitude, that’s when the manifestation happens.

So I hope this has given you some nuggets, some keys to manifestation, as opposed to pushing, and that you can know the difference, the energetic difference between manifesting and pushing and which one are you look into your life and see,

Where do you currently manifest and where do you not? Where do you hold an energy of receiving gratitude and belief in yourself, and as opposed to pushing where you may not express these energies.

So if you’re curious about this some more, I would like to invite you to read chapter 17 and my book Wisdom Beyond What You Know, how to shift from being driven by the mind, to living from the heart and intuition.

Thank you for listening to new light living podcast. I am so happy you’re here.

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