Love and Logic: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart!

Something magical happens when our mind gets out of the way.

Have you ever doubted a decision? Or felt worried you didn’t make the right choice?

Many of us operate from our logic every day without even noticing. 

When we start to listen to what our heart is telling us the magic happens.

It’s love and logic…or rather…love vs. logic

When we operate from logic we get to decisions without even reflecting on how we got to it. And often we realize it wasn’t such a good decision after all…

Want to experience the difference between love and logic in action?

Next, let’s look at the difference between love and logic in decision making and how it can help us make a shift to lead with the heart.

Does your self talk inside you is leading to an action or a decision that is purely directed by the mind, OR is our gut feeling and heart part of the decision making process at all?

Often our inner self talk is directed by the mind and is not serving us in a positive way, not being at all supportive of the potential we have as human beings. 

Learn more in Ulrika’s book: Wisdom Beyond What You Know: How to Shift from Being Driven by the Mind to Living from the Heart and Intuition (now also in audiobook format).

It’s clear that the inner voice is there every day chatting away to keep us where we are, so that we don’t take more risks than what we can swallow.

In many situations your inner voice is creating the conflict.

For example between staying stuck in everyone’s expectations and stepping into your power and growing into your true unique purpose using the difference between love and logic.

Which one sounds more fun?

It’s clear that growth is forever going to fuel the natural human nature.

So why aren’t we always rooting for love instead of logic, growth instead of staying stuck?

Using your logic is like the difference between the airport security when your suitcase goes through the camera tunnel to determine what’s inside the suitcase via a screen.

Using love is like someone opening up your suitcase to to feel and touch what’s really inside the suitcase and giving you the thumbs up with a smile.

Many of us busy women are conditioned to run our lives from the logic, not from love.

It’s served us so well in our careers and allowed us to multitask all hours of a day and keep doing it.

But, the downside is that the mind is so in charge that there is no time to open up the suitcase to feel what’s inside and what the heart is telling us.

The more stress and multitasking we are under, the more the mind is going to lead, not letting us connect with our true self and what the heart is telling us.

Emotional stress as a result that keeps us far away from feeling safe to express ourself, asking for help and act on what we truly deep down want.

The downside is that we end up tolerating, coping, rationalizing and the list goes on.

We want a quick logic answer to act on, otherwise the moment gone and we are on to something else.

My mind is often so full of logic answers to everything and it happens fast!!

This mindset almost costed me my wellbeing and it wasn’t until I got in touch with my true self and what my heart really told me.

For me this connection happened through yoga and meditation practice that made my hectic always rationalizing mind to slow down.

Yoga practice allowed me time to be completely still and connect the body and mind.

Do you feel your mind is in charge?

Rationalizing your life situations and circumstances always into something bearable to justify to get on with what you are doing?

The mind is an expert when it comes to allowing the ego to rule.

How do you know?

Well, the ego usually use rationalization techniques that ultimately makes us feel bad, exhausted, frustrated and jealous inside.


Because we are compromising and pushing down our true feelings about an issue if we rationalize. 

Your true self ruled by the heart never makes you feel this way.

Your TRUE YOU wants you to live a full life full of love, balance and ease in a natural flow between you and your environment.

What a difference!

What sounds like a better idea?

Again, it’s obvious that we deep down want balance, ease and love to rule our life, not the compromising rationalizing mind.

So how can you shift between being driven by the mind to allowing the heart to guide you?

When I read the book Desire Map by Danielle Laporte, this very topic got turned on it’s head.

Define your core desired feelings and you are headed on a path of leading with the heart.

Highly recommend it if you are a logic person that wants to tap back into and use your feelings in decision making at work and at home. 

“We think that if we slow down, the dream machine will come to a stop. Or if we stop working so damn hard, we’ll have to do without. or if we stop processing so much, we won’t get the deep love we crave”. “When we feel good about something goodness flows”.

– Danielle Laporte

The answer is tapping into your intuition and your higher self and trust the feeling. It may sound woo-woo, but it’s not.

Everyone has ability to tap into their higher self and what in your heart. Most of us just forgot how to do it.

As kids we naturally were tapping into our heart and intuition all hours of the day. 

Then we went to school and we were taught to follow the rules to succeed. Rules have to be figured out with the mind.

Then we manipulate others until we get what we want, and as adults work is built on skills that show others our mind driven theoretical skills, not our innate emotional skills.

Emotional intelligence is directly linked to the heart, but I most cases the ego wins! And our true self is taking the back seat. We followed the expectations.

love and logic
Book by Ulrika Sullivan – Wisdom Beyond What You Know

Now is the time to turn that around.

You are reading this for a reason. 

You are ready to bring your true self and purpose driven life back to leading with your heart not with your ever rationalizing mind.

The opportunity is to get back to feeling more spontaneous and free. This is the difference between love and logic.

Learning how to use your intuition to make decisions with the heart at work and at home is an essential part of my coaching program.

I help you to step out of your rationalizing mind and into your natural heart intelligence.

Below is a powerful practice that you can try right now!

Start with giving yourself permission to step out of what you are doing right now in this moment.

Important! First! Get closer to the natural energy flow. Go outside! Or open an office window. Or just swing around on your desk chair!

Put both feet on the floor or ground. Take a full inhale through your nose and hold, then release the air through the mouth. 

Close your eyes and repeat a full deep breath. Exhale slowly.

love and logic

Imagine the decision you are about to make is already solved, just go there now, without thinking about any reasons, why’s and how’s.

Notice something about what came up for you regarding this decision that is different. What do you notice? Feel into that difference.

What comes up first is the answer and write down what the decision is without editing anything. Just let it come out.

Take a deep breath in through your nose out through the mouth, when you are ready open your eyes.

If you want to take your time to get into this practice, play with it over a couple of days  and select a decision you need to make.

Write out what your mind telling you vs. what your heart is telling you, notice the difference.

Do this over 3 days and your decision may appear to be crystal clear.


My decision is either __________ or ___________, what should I do???

Every morning start with the following:

Your mind says:

Your heart says:

Reflect on your answers. What do you notice about the difference?

Which one feels the best?

What is the decision?

For more power you can also add the practice from my previous blog post 3 essential tools to uncover a purpose driven life especially tool 3 on closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Check it out!

Your heart knows the answer!

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Learn how to live from your heart and intuition!


and live with
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