How to Manifest Whatever You Want

Are you not seeing things happen in your life soon enough?

If you want momentum and want to know how to manifest whatever you want, it’s time to welcome it, right? Want to learn what’s worked for me?

You may feel frustrated because you have a vision of what you want, but nothing happens….yet!

Many of us were taught that success in our modern society can only happen if you’re “on” all the time.

The word “proactive” has been the golden word for many years. Therefore, high speed action all day long, thinking ahead, reaching out is what we’re taught instead of being reactive and so on.

Basically, it’s about checking off that to-do list one by one, so that things are getting done. Period.

Yes this approach may work, but only up to a certain point. As you may have noticed.

But there are other MUCH easier ways to make changes or reach success in your life. And it’s very counterintuitive to what we’re taught.

Want to learn how to manifest whatever you want?

Here is an example from my own life. And it’s a big one.

A few years ago I set an intention to transition from my long term career into my life’s work. I infused that intention into a bracelet that I made while visualizing my dream scenario.

First, after a centring meditation I cleared any mind-created limitations with a powerful kundalini mantra. Then I called on my dream. I started to visualize what I wanted to welcome into my life.

I totally let my wildest dreams come to life, with no limitations, what ifs… or buts….

After a few minutes of living my dream through a vision, I closed up my bracelet. And put it on my wrist. I called the bracelet my Intention Reminder. (You can use any item that has value and mean something to you.)

I was wearing my bracelet every day.

manifest desires

Every day I felt the power of being reminded of my intention, and what I was welcoming into my life. The reminder of my intention was what has made all the difference.

My intention hasn’t faded, it hasn’t gone away, it hasn’t changed. It’s as alive as the day I set the intention.

Thanks to my Intention Reminder Bracelet.

I am proud to say that two years after I set the intention (wearing my bracelet every day for two years), I made the career shift that I wanted and had set an intention for.

I was in awe.

Manifestation is not random.

It’s a result of you sending out positive energy to the universe about what you welcome into your life with ease and effortless momentum.

You have to mean it.

You have to believe it.

Like anything else, the universe doesn’t know what you want unless YOU know what you want, and that you indeed ask for it.

You are asking the universe through setting an intention.

This also means that you turn over the power of making it happen to the universe. How do you turn it over to the universe?

Let go of the steps to get there.


You can’t be in there re-directing and pushing it to come out a certain way, or forcing it to come to life at the time you want it to happen.

That’s not going to help you manifest what you want at all.

The reason you experience a standstill in your life is when you control the most.

So if you feel stuck, hear me out. First, take a step back and consider setting an intention and put your goals for the year on hold.

Second, set an intention to welcome your wildest dreams into your life. This can feel scary.

It can feel totally scary to ask the universe to bring your dreams to life.

It’s totally understandable to feel like you’re making a BIG step. It’s supposed to feel scary.

That’s when you know you’re on the right track…

Lastly, to ease that scary feeling, to keep your courage, not doubting yourself and instead feeling supported and keep believing in your intention every day of the year.

Wear it every day and get reminded about your intention. You will keep sending that positive energy which is the essence of your intention out into the universe and POOF!

It’s happening!!!

Here are some key tips for manifestation whatever you want:

Watch the video.

1) Pay attention to your inner feelings and trust them. After you bring the vision of what you’d welcome into your life into your minds eye, check to see how you feel inside.

  • If you feel happy and peaceful, you’re on the right track
  • If you feel concerned or uncertain, it may be that it’s not the right time now for that particular intention.

2) Your intentions are truths for you. But beware, if your motive is based on anything else than your truth, it won’t happen. So be totally honest and use your intuition in this process of setting intentions. Trust the process.

3) If your intention involves other people you may want to only include your part of it. Setting intentions for others doesn’t work. But certainly include your role and how you can be a channel for this to manifest for someone else.

4) Manifestation doesn’t have any limits, so try not to be the limiting factor. Trust your ability to manifest even if it sometimes feel you’re getting tested by life on the way there.

If you’re reading this far, you’re probably quite curious about starting to set intentions for yourself and watch it all happen for you.

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Remember that all of this is available to you at all times. Often we limit ourselves by putting up external obstacles and reasons for not giving ourselves the opportunity to have what we want.

Above all, for your life to change you’ll need to take responsibility for who you want to be in your life. It’s only when we take full responsibility that things start to happen.

But you may say… 

“I DID set some really realistic goals this year and STILL nothing’s happening!

What is the difference between an intention and a goal?”

The difference between an intention and a goal is important to understand. This is a clue to how you could be limiting yourself by setting goals.

Intention: something you welcome into your life.

You set the intention and then you let it go. Release your intention to the universe and trust it will happen.

This way all possibilities are available to you on how this is going to come to realization for you.

Goal: something you want for yourself or want to accomplish.

A goal comes with a plan. Often a very detailed plan.

Even though it makes us feel secure to have all those details planned out, not all possibilities on how to get from A-B are available to you.

By relying on the detail in your plan, you’re limiting the solution.

In other words, don’t wait. Go deep. Set intentions based on your own truth.

If you want a kickstart to manifesting your dreams. Get your Guide to Manifest Your Intentions.

What do you want to manifest into your life?

“With ease I welcome ___________ into my life.”

Get started today using an Intentions Reminder.

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How to Manifest What you Want? Don’t Make These Mistakes

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