Multidimensional Living: Happier Life As One With the Universe

Today we’re going to talk about multidimensional living and living happier as one with the universe. I’m very passionate about this topic and it’s part of what I write in my book; Wisdom Beyond What You Know.

Why does multidimensional living matter? Simply, our soul wants to live in harmony and balance with everything.

And as human beings, we often are not. We’re struggling, we’re trying to figure out why we’re here, all of those things.

So it’s about making that shift to align with the universal flow of harmony in balance and love with all that is naturally around us at all times.

But for years, many of us have not even been aware that this is possible to align with universal energy, because it takes a shift in perspective.

It takes a shift in perspective of who we are and what’s possible.

Shifting into a multidimensional perspective comes an opportunity for expansion beyond what we currently know ourselves to be.

This includes also to being open to relating to what’s unseen, and not always wanting to see before we believe.

Rather turn it around to say, I believe I can have a life and harmony and balance and without seeing it first. This provides us with an opportunity to redefine who we are and redefine what success is in our lives.

It gives us an opportunity to tap into our own wisdom that we already have. Tap into our gifts and talents that we don’t even have to learn.

Multidimensional living gives us a new way to live our lives if we want to.

And it gives us new ways to connect and create and relate to each other. There are a number of positive shifts that can happen when we shift perspective of who we are and what we’re here to do.

Now, the specific overarching shift that we’re talking about here is to shift from being driven by the mind, to living from the heart and intuition.

And that’s the essence of multidimensional living. That heart and the intuition and how we allow ourselves to perceive ourselves and our life here in a different way. Through the lens of our heart as facilitated by our intuition and that connection to the unseen.

One of the things that I deeply believe is that we are in a shift right now to become more conscious.

More aware of the vast experience of our soul so far and to hold that bigger perspective in our daily life. For example actions of our past or past lives and how it has affected us and flavors our actions today.

Decisions how we can shift our perspective and ourselves without the help of somebody else or learning something new or need something else.

It’s a complete inner shift.

It’s all about the inner shift that can take us to new heights, new ways to connect and create.

What are the components of multidimensional living?

In my opinion, it’s the shift from being disconnected from our lives into making a commitment to ourselves.

I’m going to learn more about myself“, and “I’m making myself a commitment to take responsibility for my life and what I’m doing here and how I’m showing up.”

And it’s in that process, the opportunity to become self-aware and putting our lives first in our own life.

It’s putting our ourselves at the top of our own mountain in our own life.

And become sovereign so that we can operate as an empowered being instead of being entangled with others and suffering from that.

From there taking the leap into actually becoming what we are. Instead of leaving it as a thought up in the mind, but actually embody it and become it and live it and express it.

And from there, really utilizing our own innate wisdom that our body knows our soul knows and bringing it out here in this life right now.

Then we manifest effortlessly instead of having to push and strive and, elbow ourselves through our life.

So all of this is going in the direction of more harmony and balance.

And that’s why I’m so drawn to multidimensional living in this way, because I’ve made some major shifts for myself in my life towards this.

And this is what I want to share with you. I want this for you as well.

So in the past six months on this podcast, we’ve talked about in various episodes about all of these different components that I believe are essential to making that shift into multidimensional, living from the heart and intuition.

And one of the things that comes very often up to the top of the list is to become energy aware. To become aware of how our energy works within the body, but also our aura and how we run energy.

It’s also how we can set boundaries to feel empowered, energetic boundaries.

Once we start to learn that and get insights about how I work, how you work, we can interact with each other differently.

The interaction within yourself becomes different when we feel empowered and not giving our energy away.

So the increase in Self-awareness here when it comes to energy awareness so important.

Why is this important? It is living in this energy of our own life force that we pull out our innate creativity. Our inspiration and our spark of what comprises our soul is our life force.

When we tap into that creativity and inspiration we can start to live in our uniqueness. Who we are deep down in our soul.

And that is what we can bring out in this life to really enrich our environment and ourselves. That points to once we do that, we experience more harmony and balance in our life just naturally, as we tap into our creativity and inspiration.

It’s never too late to tap into your innate creativity.

Now, the part here that I I’d love to emphasize as well is the importance of self care. Self care I put in a very big umbrella because self care to me is so much more than tending to the external appearance.

It is to tend to our internal appearance, to ourselves becoming our own guru on ourselves and our own life.

First, because empowerment comes from how to source that loop of love within yourself. So that you don’t have to get co-dependent on a family members, or friends or things, behaviors. And instead releasing those patterns that are not serving you anymore.

By allowing yourself to find that self-love fueled by your creativity, inspiration that you came here with comes with feeling empowered.

And with that, we can put ourselves at the top of our own mountain in our own life, right?

Sovereignty is so important, but it cannot happen until we find that a loop of self-love within.

Because it is when we feed ourselves the love we’re looking for we feel harmony imbalance within. We can start tapping into that innate wisdom and get out of the hamster wheel of learning and seeking and constantly seeking the next thing.

Instead, allowing ourselves to receive, because wisdom is an energy of receiving and sharing aware in no with no expectation in return.

At the end of the day, we want to create new supportive things that allow ourselves to stay in this harmony and balance.

Manifesting is very different from pushing. Manifesting a is an energetic alignment. And all of these things that we’ve been talking about; energy awareness, self-awareness putting ourselves first in our life, what inspires us and bring that out in the world, becoming it, embodying it.

It is all about our own inner wisdom.

How can we can allow ourselves to be just who we are now, with confidence, with self-assurance? There’s a loop of self-love is facilitated by starting to listen to our own true self, our truth. Listening to the universe, spirit, God, whatever you want to call it.

It is an alignment with higher energy that is supportive of us every day.

And this is where we can start to trust that we are on the right path. So what you are here to do is unique.

What you are here to be is unique, and you are here to do what you need to do in this life, so go do it!

What you came here for is to fully be your authentic self.

So this is an opportunity to make a shift and just scale away everything that is not you. Sometimes that comes with a feeling of letting the burden go. Burdens we either have put on ourselves, or we feel that others have put on ourselves, expectations, interpretations and so on.

Next, I invite you to read more in chapter 18 of my book, Wisdom Beyond What You Know about seven inner shifts to multidimensional living.

One of the key to multidimensional living is to create a spiritual practice of your own.

I feel because when a spiritual practice becomes part of us, like brushing our teeth in the morning, we connect with universe every day. The spiritual practice becomes part of how we relate and live our lives.

If you’re here listening this far you know what this is all about. A consistent spiritual practice, not just once in a while, every day.

So what is that spiritual practice for you?

How are you going to put yourself in a centered state by harmony and balance in your life every day? It starts there with that commitment to yourself.

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