Self Confidence Strategies To Make Space For Change

Do you want a change in your life but feel that there is no space, no time, and no clarity about what the change would be?

Learn four self-confidence strategies that are so much more than a quick fix to temporarily boost happiness. This is for good.

The first thing to do is to commit to is creating room in your life, to re-prioritizing your time and make space in your calendar, because without full commitment you’re just going to read this blog post and never start.

When you make space for YOU. You may realize that your dream was WAY too small, maybe only focused on the immediate next step, or simply going for the wrong thing.

When you feel it’s time to start the journey toward true change, you’ll learn that change begins with gaining more self-awareness.

That self awareness will enable you to shift fear based beliefs associated with how you limit your view yourself, others and the environment you live in.

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Many of us live with pre-conceived views of which self confidence strategies are needed to live a fulfilled life and what type of work is required to get there.

You’ll be surprised how little work it actually takes as long as you are fully committed and believe that you can make a change (whatever the change may be).

self confidence strategies

So instead of scrolling through your feed for the next short-term tactic while on the go, not knowing if it truly is the right thing for you, practice these self-confidence strategies to increase your self-awareness and you are on your way.

The starting point for sustainable change is to make room for change, in order to increase your self-awareness.

You may feel that self-awareness is a big word with a lot of meanings.

Self-care is also a term with many interpretations. What does this mean to You in the context of the long-term change you desire?

In simple terms, self awareness can only be achieved if the willingness is there to turn inward to discover more about yourself.

You’ll have to be curious about the possibilities that lie ahead and at the same time what got you where you are now.

You’ll have to be willing to discover what your values and beliefs are that drives your actions.

It is the willingness to discover more about how you truly feel about yourself and others that you interact with that will determine your level of self awareness and thus your level of growth.

How willing are you to start listening to your inner conversation as to what is said inside your head?

Practice the opportunity of choice to shift what you are telling yourself. You’ll need to decide how you want to feel instead and develop a plan based on that knowledge.

Self-confidence strategies do not come with a list of items to check off and that feel uncomfortable.

Personally, it was a huge challenge for me to make space in my mind (and calendar) and to take time to think about stepping outside the established exhausting pace and routine. To even start thinking about considering change as an option seemed out of reach.

I used to be the one that always took on more, and more, piling up the responsibilities at work, developing more goals and wants, and feeling overwhelmed and distracted, as I was forging ahead in an all-or-nothing way without taking a break.

I often thought making a conscious change would be nice, but to really truly make space in my head (and my calendar) to start something new was a major shift that required me to get real about the situation.

Are you in this situation right now?

What’s your choice going to be?

Are you going to make space and go for a conscious change for real?

Or are you just scratching the surface of your life and relationships?

When you allow the resistance to flow through you, feeling all the feels, you gain self-awareness and growth as a result. This requires time and room to grow.

Here are 4 self-confidence strategies that are based on universal evolutionary spiritual truths that we all have available to us to make that required space.

self confidence strategies

4 Self Confidence Strategies

1. You are right where you need to be.

  • Most people long for being somewhere else in their career or want to have a different situation.
    • Believe: There is no need to be further ahead than what you are today. You are in the perfect place right now.
  • Everything and everyone your life has brought you have taught you.
    • Everyone in your life is your teacher. Try to see how. Why are the people around you your teacher? In what way?
    • What are your key learnings if you look back on your life? Take a look back to see if you can see the learnings.
  • Rest in the knowing that you don’t need to push anything, it’s just happening for a reason and you don’t need to push. Go with the flow.


2. What you focus on expands. Energy attracts like energy.

  • A major shift is to realize that if you complain, more complaints are going to come double.
  • If you focus on what’s good, good will come to you.

Gratitude work is key to expand positively charged energy that expands your abundance.


3. Set an intention, then detach from the result.

  • This is a big one. We are taught to plan and push. All day long. To get what we want (or what our company wants). This is only going to block what we want.
  • The more we control and think of every step, the less creativity we are inviting. Creativity is the power behind creation. Pushing and controlling limits the options. The more options that are open the easier it is to align with abundance and allowing a solution to emerge.


4. We are all on our own path. 

  • If you look around, everyone has their journey. Everyone has their issues. It’s OK, nobody is perfect, we all have something to learn, we all have our own path.
  • This way of viewing others helps you with acceptance. Love the people who are the most annoying. They have their reasons for acting out or sticking to their opinions. See their suffering and pain. They don’t need your judgement, they need your love.
  • Release your fear of being different from another, relate to others at the level of oneness.

Either you align with the energy of love, acceptance and surrender OR align with the destructive energy of your fears. Your self confidence strategies may not have worked so far, but this is it. Let your thoughts and actions align with love instead of fear and you’ll never doubt yourself again.

Which approach sounds like more fun? To apply this self confidence strategy doesn’t have to be hard.

Surprisingly, many people are feeding their fears and are working against their truth making the change feel like it’s a push and extra effort.

Alignment with love allows you to feel the feelings of your fears, objectively recognize they are there, but not get absorbed by them, shifting to a positive feeling of learning and expansion.

These self confidence strategies build a practice that will allow you to feel at ease while your change is happening (and everyone else around you can feel your energy too!). 

So take action now – dare to clean house and make space in your mind and day. Invite this change to open up you to rethink what’s possible.

If you want a change to happen, make room for the change! 

self confidence strategies

Without room to change – the change will not happen. 

If you are piling up a desired change on top of what you already experience, not opening up to shuffle things around and even remove things that you do now-  the change is not happen.

If you want a change, slow down. Listen. Do less.

Remove things that you are holding on to that you know is no longer serving you.

If you want a change, make space. Both at home and in your mind, make space to allow the change to happen.

What can you reduce? 

What can you let go of?

Sit down and let it come to you. You’ll know. If you listen.

See your life in a new light. You are right where you need to be.

How are you making space this week to allow change to happen?

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