3 Spiritual Tools for Inspiration and Motivation in 2024

Do you feel stressed and feel like it’s hard to find motivation and inspiration? 

How can you step out of the stress, boredom, and that feeling of being on autopilot to bring back your natural motivation and inspiration?

The overwhelm and stress is like a mind cloud that is never going away.

In the midst of feeling this mind cloud of stress weighing you down and the thought of introducing something different to your day may feel very far-fetched.

That’s totally understandable, because who wants to put more stress on what’s already stressful?

Carrying the guilt for not doing anything about how you’re feeling. The hopelessness and boredom taking over more and more, because you’re just so in the routine of it all.

So it stays as a thought and now it’s off to drop off the kids and get to work.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I loved my corporate career, a highly demanding job with frequent business travel, long work hours, and a constant need to be ON.

This eventually put me under mental and physical stress that eventually resulted in less and less sensation of inspiration and motivation in my life.

It was like I didn’t know who I was anymore.

This lack of inspiration and motivation soon spread to all parts of my life. I felt empty. I needed a day off!!!

Something was seriously off and I knew it.

The expectation that we always have to be ON and perform at our highest capacity is not how we are supposed to function.

As employees, we align with this performance expectation because that’s how we’re taught to succeed.

To compete and outperform, GO-GO-GO!

This is where life gets out of balance.

Identifying with being a go-getter is a powerful feeling because you know you’re driven and ambitious.

inspiration and motivation

But it doesn’t mean that life has to be an endless race.

What I’m suggesting is that rest and reflection are as much go-getter behavior as creating that next sales opportunity or making that right next step in your job or for your business.

The go-getter of the future is someone who lives their purpose, experiences a balanced life, not giving up who they are.

Having been one of those women who gave it all for work and realized many years later that I no longer feel inspired and motivated at work or in life.

I truly believe that that’s EXACTLY when it’s an opportune time to apply that go-getter behavior and make that right next step, in a completely different direction.

I know because that’s when I decided to pivot and make a U-turn. The u-turn to self-awareness.

As a result, I feel like my life is finally full now.

I experience every day with inspiration and motivation, instead of that feeling of an endless race being on boring autopilot.

I want that for you too!

So where do you start if you have come to this realization that you want to bring back your inspiration and motivation in your work day and life?

To be very honest, the very first thing is to get down to the bottom of your heart and make that bold decision for yourself that you’re ready to pivot, otherwise, you’re going to stay exactly where you are.

Then you can either go with your usual methods like immediately start making a plan, or a to-do list and map out what you’re going to do slightly differently within the boundaries that you already have established.

inspiration and motivation

For example, you may change to another job within your industry because you’ll be excited to begin with but after a while, it’s the same old…


You can start exploring spiritual principles and tools that may lead you to a completely different experience that you may not have expected

Let’s go with the latter.

Here are the three actionable spiritual life coach tools I used to kickstart getting out of the feeling of routine and boredom and into endless inspiration and motivation.

1). Feeling stuck is not a bad thing, WELCOME it!

This is so counteractive to what we’re taught. We are supposed to complain if we are not happy, right? I hear complaints all the time about people’s lives and how miserable they are.

The first thing I do is to suggest it’s actually a blessing and the best thing is to THANK the universe for this feeling of boredom and hopelessness.

Because it’s a sign that it’s an opportunity to grow. Your time has come! Whohoo!

So embrace this moment of stuckness and frustration with a Thank You! When you start feeling grateful for the opportunity to grow, then you’re on to something!

If you latch on to the feeling of frustration and feeling like a victim of your situation, you’re digging that hole deeper and deeper. But if you turn the frustration into gratitude you’re filling your cup and start feeling hopeful.

You’re done with what you’re supposed to do, let’s bring YOU back on the map.

2.) Sit with the emotion of boredom and accept and forgive yourself.

Let’s say you used to feel inspired and excited about your job and life, but now you don’t. And a little voice is telling you “You shouldn’t feel this bored, just get on with it like you used to”. That’s your intuition telling you that “OK change is coming, so either you take this opportunity or not.”

Do you often ignore that voice and put your head down and go on? Until the voice is coming back, but a little louder.

I invite you to take this feeling of boredom and lack of inspiration and motivation in and REALLY ask yourself, is it my time now to change?

Is it a Yes or a No? (make it really simple here, is it a Yes or a No? No, If’s or But or When’s) just “Is it my time now to make a change? YES or No”.

If it’s a No, you may not be fully ready (but don’t let your If’s or But’s or When’s fool you here).

If it’s a YES, the very next step is to say to yourself “I fully accept and forgive myself”.

Because once you acknowledge to yourself that a change is happening (yes it already started) you have to get real with yourself.

Change can begin when you fully accept and forgive yourself for how you got to this point.

inspiration and motivation

3) Trust that you’re taken care of. Feeling supported as you begin a life change and having realistic expectations is key.

When you have begun to accept and forgive yourself there is still that urge to look ahead and find out what’s going to happen next.

Just because you have accepted that change is coming doesn’t mean that the doubt around it is going away. Doubt is going to slow you down and this can be very upsetting, especially for someone who’s driven, ambitious, and with high aspirations who want to move ahead.

Here’s where realistic expectations come in. Often our expectations are so high that we get demotivated by the expectations themselves.

Have you ever compared yourself to others instead of asking yourself, what’s realistic for me right now? What feels right? Can I see myself doing this?

If you can’t see yourself taking action towards your next step within the next 30 days, it’s not realistic for you yet.

But hear me out, as you continue forward with the momentum you have towards change, it’s essential to feel supported the entire way.

Feeling supported clears the doubt.

If you can trust that the universe wants to give you the good things and that you are already supported and held while you unravel. The more you can trust in that you’re already supported the more you’ll feel supported (make sense right?).

Your confidence and belief take the front seat instead of your doubt.

How can you build that trust more and more?

Look for signs that the universe is organizing it all behind the scenes for you. How do you know what those signs are?

This can be very personal so start noticing things that are showing up. Maybe you have never thought of getting a sign, but now is the time to start noticing.

Sometimes signs come in the form of numbers like 11.11 or 555. Sometimes something shows up again and again to get your attention. It’s not so much about what it is that shows up, but it’s the fact that you’re noticing the sign and trust that you’re taking care of.

Trust and notice what you’re thinking about in those moments you receive the signs. Those are clues.

Are you still getting familiar with and trying to get your head around these spiritual concepts?

To increase your inspiration and motivation consider this:

  • Instead of thinking, “There is no way I can embrace change right now, today. I have to be in a better place first, then I can make that decision!” Remind yourself: “This life that I have is going on right before your eyes— I can’t wait to experience this day and see what’s in store for me today.”
  • Instead of telling yourself, “Why am I so stuck?” Say to yourself: “What is the one little thing I can do differently today?”
  • Instead of telling yourself, “I look so tired today, I am a loser!”Say to yourself: “How do I want to feel today?”
  • Instead of saying: “I’m never going to change!” Say to yourself: “What do I want to happen?” 

Practice leaning on spiritual tools to tap into the massive capacity of the universe. Create more inspiration and motivation in your life to find a new sense of calm and well-being in your life.

  1. Welcome the struggle.
  2. Accept and forgive yourself.
  3. Trust that you’re taken care of.

How can you bring inspiration and motivation back into your life?

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