How to Know Your True Potential

My guest Patricia Lindner is a Human Design Specialist and she calls herself a Soul Travel Guide. She is passionate about helping others to know their true potential.

One of the things we talk about in this episode is how important it is to have a clear vision of what we want in life. But what is even more important is to be honest about our reality today, before starting to close the gap towards our true potential.

What I love about this conversation is how Patricia’s own experience of her own potential has influenced how she help others today.

After a long career as a former school teacher she found herself at a crossroad with her body telling her that it’s time to go inwards. She started a journey to find her true potential and true soul colors. Now she KNOW’s her own true potential. Learn more about her own journey in the episode.

Moreover, Patricia is helping others to understand their own hidden potential for example through Human Design. This system has been a key source of valuable information to help clients hone in on their true potential.

Also, Patricia loves to connect with nature and creative expressions like art and working with the healing power of herbs etc.

There is a journey that is meant for you!

Patricia says that women today are given the opportunity to realize their true potential to heal themselves. This is an opportunity that may not have been so evident in the past. Healing ourselves first is important because then we can contribute to the world in a different way than we thought.

Patricia is inviting you to a 15-min discovery call with her. Let’s meet Patricia!

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