Passion Principles: Turning Your Passion Into Action

My podcast guest Jennifer Maurer, public speaker, certified life coach and motivational guide shares powerful wisdom within her framework of passion principles how important it is to burst through your fears and turning passion into action.

She is a straight forward and passionate coach who’s passion is to help you to get started and finally get into action.

We’re dealing with more fear than ever. This episode is for you if you want to start living a life without fear.

Jennifer herself made an important deep dive into her own fear and went on a personal journey from dealing with fear on a daily basis to turn her passion into action.

She has turned her experience into a set of principles that she is calling “The Passion Principles”. She has collected her wisdom on how to address this in an upcoming new book.

Fear is a thief that can take over our lives and you have to put your fear in the “friend zone” Jennifer says.

What does this mean?

Listen to the episode to learn more.

The irrational fears are the one’s that often hinder us from acting on our passion. Jennifer experienced this herself was when she found herself living her life in a rut. She had ignored her own needs and focused on others needs instead of her own.

Jennifer says: “There is always a time to reinvent yourself!”

She feels more productive and more fulfilled now when she feels that she has something to share, a mission and a natural relationship with her ability to take risks and navigate her life.

Next, fear causes procrastination and maintaining counterproductive activities and being comfortable being in the comfort zone.

Fear is a learned behavior and any learned behavior can be unlearned.

Passion comes from your heart but if it stays in our head it’s a day dream.

We need to take action on our passion!

However, when we actively address our fears we arrive to passion. The importance here is to establish our own passion principles for ourselves. The work here is to identify what our passion is, then embrace it and celebrate it.

Feel the burn!!!

In this episode Jennifer shares her powerful recommendations on how to get into the space of action.

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