Unity Consciousness: Going from Logic to Wisdom

Want to stretch your perspective of life? In this episode on Unity Consciousness, we expand our boundaries about life. We go beyond the logic and tap into what we came here with – ancient wisdom.

Come with me on a little journey in this episode to discover how we can go from a logic way of living to living through our wisdom?

I used to be driven by my logic, living through my logic every day. Everything we do on a daily basis, like getting kids off to school or going grocery shopping. Or post on social media or cooking dinner using our problem-solving logic.

We need our problem-solving way of living with our logic on a daily basis. And that’s all fine. It’s just that many of us are staying with using our logic and getting through our day in that way.

There’s so much more that we have available to us to tap into on a daily basis.

But it’s not prioritized in our modern life to tap into our innate wisdom.

How do we step out of our logical way of living and live from our wisdom?

How can I tap into more of myself? This is a question I get many times when people are getting burnt out. Or people are just not satisfied with their lives.

Life is too mundane I hear.

There is no excitement.

I believe that our soul has been through it. Our soul has been living multiple lives or cycles and learned things along the way.

So let’s just put all the logical things aside a little bit. Let’s expand your perspective into what you came here with. Meaning, what you came here with from a past life.

When we came into this life, we had already a toolbox and a massive amount of wisdom that we were ready for you to use in this life.

One thing that we rarely tap into is our body’s wisdom. Because in our modern life, we are asked to use our logic to problem solve. But we are not asked to tap into our body and have the body answer questions for us.

We all have the opportunity to tap into the answers of our bodies.

Let’s tune into your body right now.

Just notice your body.

Notice it’s your feet, your hands, your belly, a lot of wisdom sits in the belly (the gut feeling, right?!) Some of us also activate our body’s wisdom through emotional waves.

So, no matter how you uniquely are tapping into your body as wisdom, it’s there for you to tap into.

If I want an answer to what’s up, I ask my body first. You can do it too.

The more we tap into and increase our trust for our body’s wisdom, we can develop this beautiful relationship with our body.

So ask what you body needs before you ask somebody else. Ask your own body what it needs!

Another thing that we come in with from our past lives is our unique energy imprint.

And I’ve talked about that in previous episode about like, how can I become aware of my own energy? And that is your energy is pretty much a summary of what your soul has been through in past lives.

In this life you were given, you were born at a certain specific time and day and location so that your energy could be fully coming out in its full potential if you so choose to do that.

So the second thing that I recommend is to learn about your energy imprint. Learning about what may be imbalanced within your energy to get back in balance.

And when we balance our energy, it impacts our physical body, emotional body, our spiritual body and our mental body.

So it’s important to consider our energy as something that we not only came in with, from past lives, but we are in charge of our energy and it’s as important to take care of our own aura, our energy, as well as our physical body.

Now, the third thing that is also something that has to do with unity consciousness in a way is that we are also part of the whole.

I usually talk about the whole as an example, in our relationship with nature, for example, and this is the more we tap into the abundance and the flow, the harmony of nature.

We also can help ourselves to tap into our wisdom, the innate wisdom that we come with because in unity consciousness or where we are part of the whole, we are also in alignment with the whole as an individual.

And so how can we start considering ourselves to be part of the whole, instead of viewing ourselves as an individual.

How can we start to bring more trust in our own innate wisdom that we came here with and expand on that? One thing I love doing is aligning with that energy of the whole through nature.

So for example, when I connect with the tree, I can feel its wisdom. I can feel how old it is and what it has to teach us. For example, a tree in my perspective has this calm centered was within it, just like we do (if we tap into it).

And if you look at any tree, they come with that energy from the start. So why not hug your tree and allow yourself to take that energy in and align yourself with the whole, that way. That’s just a very simple way of allowing that energy in.

Why is all of this important to start thinking about ourselves and considering ourselves as bigger than what our logic has put ourselves in a box in it is to help ourselves to increase our trust in our innate wisdom, what we already know without having to learn something?

And the more we can open up the trust ourselves, the more inner peace and more self-love we can open up to.

And one of the things that can really activate this wisdom within you is to tap into joy. The energy of joy, is really the same energy as our own life force. And our connection to the whole.

So how do you tap into your joy and life?

Try this very simple exercise; I recommend going back in time, whether it’s this life or past life. Let’s say in this life where you once felt this joy. And it can be, yesterday, or it can be in childhood, or somewhere in between. But some time in your life.

Now, how can you bring joy back to your life right now?

And this will help us also to step away from the logical way of thinking and relating. Which is often wanting to put us selves in a box with certain limits to it.

When we start to tap into our joy and that energy of unlimited wisdom then the logical way of thinking can take a backseat.

By tapping into our body’s wisdom and knowing more about our energy imprint. When we connect more with nature and the whole, that is going to allow our ego mind to step back.

The more we increase our trust in that wisdom of ourselves, the ego can sit back a little bit more (hopefully!). And not having to be at the forefront of our daily lives.

So, I invite you to take anything from this episode that resonated with you. Try it and notice the difference that it can make in your life.

And if you’re curious about this and want to go deeper, I recommend to listen or watch a previous episode about attracting abundance and aligning with the flow of nature.

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