Working Hard for Success – Is it Worth It?

In this episode of New Light Living podcast we examine a pattern that many of us have been following for years. The pattern of Working Hard for Success. Is it really worth it?

You’ll get a new perspective on working hard for success, and I hope to inspire you to re-redefined what success means to you which may lead to finding new balance in life.

I was once one of those who believed that if I work hard for success, and put in more work the more success I’m going to have.

When we fulfill this pattern we work with energies very closely associated with the root chakra. Here’s where we have an energy of safety, security, and stability. I believe that we cannot really evolve further unless our root chakra is in balance.

Many of us want to go directly into higher energies of bliss and compassion. However, if our root chakra is not balanced, all the things we want to do may not happen because of this imbalance.

Basically, our basic needs of security and safety are not met.

Many of us have felt that we need to earn more and more money to feel safe. Money is very closely linked to satisfying that basic need of safety and security, there’s a strong link to the pattern of working to exhaustion.

There is another way. There is an opportunity for us now to change the definition of success.

What is your definition of success?

If you are someone that is putting over time at work, ignoring your own needs, or feel that you’re pushing yourself too hard in your situation or things that you want. (Honestly, it can be anything that we want that we put too much into, if you will overdoing it so that you feel exhaustion or out of balance).

This episode might be an inspiration for you to shift your pattern of working hard for success into a more balanced way of success.

Why does this matter?

The definition of success is changing and, and simply put for decades, we have used a measuring stick for success in terms of gaining more and more money, working more and more gaining more and more money.

But now it’s starting to shift well into a different measuring stick for success in life. And that is questions like, “Am I happy?”, “Does my life feel balanced?” “Am I healthy?” And I mean healthy from an emotional, mental, physical, spiritual perspective?

And more holistic question is “Am I whole?”

These questions are starting to be more and more important for some instead of accumulating money to feel safe. Instead, we could be feeling safe when we are connected with ourselves, our communities or with nature. That’s how you could be feeling safe too.

And some of us have discovered this shift and are now shifting from wanting to accumulate more money or working harder to coming back to balance in terms of their lives and how, how we experience life.

So the idea that is actually opposite of what the pattern we’ve been following for so many years.

So instead of accumulating money, the measuring stick becomes; “Am I in balance? Am I happy? “Do I feel good?” When we are in balance, then the money comes! Instead of; “I’m going to accumulate as much money as I can, and then I’m going to be happy”.

You see the difference?

It’s pretty much a complete shift from what we may have been following and believing in the past.

So is there really an alternative to working hard for success? Many of us knows exactly what that word working hard means.

We have an opportunity now to redefine for ourselves what success is, which means also that we have to go within, to define and redefine in many cases, what success means to us.

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I believe that society has provided us with what success means for many years. For example, we have to get the degrees and we have to get the great jobs and we have to earn money through long, hard hours, you know, all of that.

But now there is an opportunity to step inside ourselves, ask ourselves “What does do I need to be happy?” “What do I need to feel good?” “What do I need to feel in balance?”

And only you can answer those questions really. So there is no template anymore. There is no blueprint for what means success means to you without going within and defining that for yourself.

So here’s an opportunity, an invitation to you today to redefine working hard for success.

What does it mean for you?

I would love for you to go also and listened to the previous podcast episode about how to get out of the comfort zone, and stop ignoring your needs.

And from there, start identifying how can you satisfy your basic needs of safety and security based on those new terms that you define for yourself and watch the difference.

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Get a copy of Ulrika’s book Wisdom Beyond What You Know: How to Shift from Being Driven by the Mind to Living from the Heart and Intuition here or download a free chapter.


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