Worrying About What Others Will Think?

In this podcast episode I talk about how we often are worrying about what others will think. ALSO, experience the shift from worry to self-love in an instant! Join us in the exercise at the end of the episode!

Worrying about what others will think is a common pattern. Sometimes worrying distracts us from our connection to our true self.

Why do we get into this pattern?

As children we adopt and absorbs the rules around us as truth. We don’t really have the maturity to question if the values and core beliefs we adopt are right for us.

As a result we try to conform and ultimately compromise our own unique self-expression.

When we step into our true self and become self-aware we open up the possibility of self-love and self-acceptance as we discover more and more what is important to us.

It’s time to stop worrying about what others will think to open up to self-love.

When we worry about what others will think we project our own energy outwards and sometimes shut out our access to self-love and self-acceptable.

Why does this matter?

It matters because when we release the worrying we realize that nothing external can give us self-love.

We are already love. We are already perfect as we are.

How is your life affected by worrying about what others will think?

For example, are you worrying about being a good enough parent? Or if you’re doing enough well at work? The self-doubt and having high expectations on ourselves and others are often based on values that are not serving us anymore.

The worrying has a root somewhere, so when we identify where this fear is coming from we have the chance to stop the worry-pattern.

When we let self-love in it helps lessen self-judgement and how we judge others.

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