Creating a Mood Change Using Meditation and Essential Oils

What do you usually do to create a mood change when you need it?

Is it looking in the cabinet for some chocolate? Is it scrolling down your favorite shopping site?

Or maybe reaching for that extra glass of wine, because you deserve it after a long day? What if you wouldn’t have to reach for something external to create a mood change to how you want to feel?

What if you could create this mood-change experience starting from within, creating it from your inner true self and your own power of choice? And at the same time, feeling supported while using your senses?

Here’s your guide to creating a mood change using meditation and essential oils.

My first exposure to meditation was a long time ago, so I know the power of meditation to help settle down my busy mind.

Meditation has this ability to bring me from a place of anxiety, monkey brain, and pressure to a place of calm, connection, presence, and flow.

No matter how stressed I am before I sit down to meditate, I always feel much better after meditation.

Meditation is a big-time mood changer.

Now, I want to share with you how meditation just got even better.

I got to know the power of essential oils a few years ago, and for me, it was an intriguing topic for many reasons.

I spent my entire career in pharmaceutical research and development dealing with synthetically made therapies.

From past experiences, I was the first one to doubt the plant-based product of essential oils. I questioned if it really was something to rely on to create an impact on my health and well-being.

But something spurred my curiosity to learn more. Through a friend, I got invited to my first essential oils class and my first oils came home with me.

If I recall I think it was Peppermint, Lavender, and another one that I can’t remember now.

Why do I bring up the topic of essential oils and meditation together?

Both meditation and essential oils are powerful in their own right but the simple answer is that using essential oils in combination with meditation is a powerhouse. 

How can essential oils and meditation help you to create a mood change?

Here are some tips on creating a mood change when you want to elevate your mood.

You may have experienced essential oils being diffused into the air or used directly from a bottle. Our sense of smell is intimately connected to our emotions.

The chemistry of each oil is different and it’s hitting the nervous system in the nose. Each oil is calling on different emotions and health aspects.

It’s through our senses we as humans experience our lives.

We live in a time where negative influences often get a lot of attention and priority. Daily we get bombarded with negativity that we subconsciously take in.

Constant negative influence can feel like living in a constant state of emotional fight or flight.

So to mitigate some of the negativity on a daily basis, meditation, and essential oils are both functioning as tools to support you to make a mood change from a negative mood to a more positive one.


Here are three simple steps that you can explore, in case you haven’t tried meditation and essential oils in combination:

1. Before meditation select an oil that you are intuitively drawn to.

Every day is different, so you may have a favorite oil that you always use. I started by owning some of the most popular oils, but I soon realized that the oils I owned were not fulfilling all my needs.

As I started to expand my library of oils, I noticed that some days I was drawn to a completely different oil than the day before.

It’s important to not be too logical about your oils and how they are used. Your intuition will show you the oil you need for the day and trust that it’s exactly what you and your body need.

The key is to not question why you’re drawn to a certain oil, just go with the one that you feel drawn to.

As you select your oil set an intention for what the desired mood change would bring you.

What is good news is that they are some ready-made oil blends available that may promote shifting to a certain emotion, so that could make your choice very simple.

So for example, if you’re unsure about what oil to use when you want to feel more motivated, you can reach for a specific oil blend of multiple oils that is put together to promote emotions of motivation.

2.  Apply and experience the essential oil right before meditation.

So let’s say you picked the oil to use that day for meditation. Now it’s time to use the oil. I personally use oils before meditation in a couple of different ways.

You can put a diffuser somewhere close to you and put a few drops in the water of the diffuser.

I keep the diffuser going after meditation as well. This way the rest of the family is also getting the benefits from the oil throughout the day.

Next, I’d put a drop of oil topically on my wrists and on the back of my neck. Some oils need dilution so be careful and try what works for you as you explore them topically.

Lastly, I put a drop in my palms and rub them together, and then I inhale the oil with my palms close to my nose and face.

Right there and then inhaling the oil is instantly giving me a kickstart to changing my mood.

3. Enjoy an enhanced meditation with essential oils.

Now it’s time to settle in for meditation. If you’re diffusing the oil in the room you’d be enjoying the light aroma from the oil.

If you applied oil to your skin your body would absorb the oil and may give you the benefit of enhanced relaxation and focus depending on the oil you selected.

When you use essential oils during meditation, a great centering thought to begin the meditation with is to envision the mood change you’d like to shift into.

For example, if you want to call on the emotion of joy, you’d recall a past moment of joy and bring that emotion into the present moment as you meditate.

The essential oil you selected would help you recall the emotion of joy and support you to maintain it.

I’d like to mention that even after meditation or when you’re not meditating, you can turn to oils as powerful mood changers all by themselves.

A drop in your palm can help you recall the emotion you desire at any time on the go.

In summary, meditation and essential oils are a powerful combination if you’d like to make a mood change when you’re feeling low and want a shift to a more positive mood.

Here are three simple steps in summary:

  1. Select an oil that you are intuitively drawn to.
  2. Apply and experience the essential oils.
  3. Enjoy your enhanced meditation.

Tell me more about your experience with using essential oils and meditation on any of my social media platforms.

What is your favorite essential oil for meditation?

Disclaimer: Ulrika is an Independent Wellness Advocate of DoTerra.

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